Website maintenance is a necessary monthly task. Do you recall when you spent so much time, energy and money creating the perfect site? The site highlighted your business, focused on your solid values and when published shined like a star. You worked overtime to breathe life into the site. It personified everything you wanted to share with the world.

I know how entrepreneurs struggle to define their purpose, and craft their unique brand story. I try to purposefully guide them through their difficult journey filled with reflection and self-discovery. All to create a website that will speak to and excite their audience.

Waiting for a Bloom?

But a website is not something you can set on a ledge, water and wait to bloom. It is a living, breathing entity that requires constant maintenance and nurturing. It should have scheduled ongoing monthly back-ups. Why? It’s simply because everything is in constant flux of change, upgrades and possible suspicious activity.

A Dynamic Environment

A website is similar to a house that needs constant upkeep in order to stay in pristine condition. It requires attention and energy to fix all the stuff that continually beaks down. To keep on top of things, occasionally you need to call in a professional that can help keep your home in top condition, running smoothly. I also need to add that your site needs to be maintained for proper Google ranking. Maintenance helps Google determine if your website is relevant, and old content means lower rankings

So now that we understand that your website is a dynamic environment that adapts to changing conditions you can see why maintenance is an ongoing project. Blogs, social media, all the fun stuff is aimed towards customer interest. It keeps existing customers interested while catching the attention of prospective clients.

Reflection of Your business

Your website is the most widely viewed reflection of your business. That’s why it’s super important that your site is not only professionally designed, but also free of errors, dead pages, or broken links. All of this will make a huge difference in your website’s speed, ease-of-use, conversion rates and ranking – not to mention security. That’s why it’s no a longer set-it-and-forget-it deal.

Prioritize Maintenance

So, if your goal is to generate maximum sales for your business you want to be sure that maintenance of your website becomes a priority. Grab onto a high Google ranking by keeping your content up to date. Establish a website maintenance schedule with your professional web designer or tech. It will not only ensure your website is running smoothly, but will run circles around those of your competitors!