Over and over the question is asked, “What is HTTPS?” The answer is security- for your website and the visitors to your page. Everyone who accesses and uses your site expects a secure and private experience. We encourage you to adopt HTTPS to protect your users’ connections, regardless of the content on the website.

Your website is the heart and soul of your digital marketing and the number one lead tool. It is used to generate sales, engage with your customers, and project how awesome your business is. It’s critical that your site is available 24/7 and presents securely to your online visitors. The speed that your site loads is even more critical today as more people are navigating on their mobile devices. Digital security is the number one most fundamental component to the continued success of your business.

Protection In a Nutshell

There are three key layers of protection. These layers are dissected and over-viewed by Google at a webmasters page which describes each in plain language.
They are:
2-Data Integrity

Robust security certificates

Now that we understand the key ingredients let’s move to the next necessary item which is your security certificate. This is an integral part of enabling the HTTPS on your site. The certificate is issued only after verification that your web address actually belongs to you. This is huge customer protection so they can trust they are on the site they expect to be. That’s why it is so super important to get your certificate from a reliable source that offers technical support. Put your trust in someone that is knowledgeable and understands the type of certificate needed and can provide you an extra layer of ongoing website security. An important message here is that you do not allow your certificate to ever expire. Keep it up to date at all times.

support with priority response

Your website should always reflect your current business. We understand the importance of your latest promotions, specials, and offers. But security is of the utmost importance and you need someone experienced to manage the website in regards to technology and security with priority response. Your website has been designed and many hours spent making it the perfect showcase for your business and your brand. When you started your business most of your initial money is spent on this important piece of your brand.

take your website security seriously

Protect your website investment by keeping your website up-to-date, backed up, and secure. We’re diligent to website security by keeping in line with best practices, trends, and technology. Security not only affects your online visitors, it influences how Google ranks your business. Don’t let websites security sabotage your digital presence!