Search Engine Optimization is something we all hear about, and know that we need it. As a business owner and entrepreneur, we want people to find our websites and come up first on Google. That is something I’ve heard from just about every client. With content ruling over how Google ranks your website, how has SEO changed over time? We want to help guide every entrepreneur to make sure their site is found when people search on Google?

Theory behind SEO

The implementation of SEO has changed, but the theory behind it has not. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – means to increase the digital traffic to your website through organic strategies and tactics. This means, that if you aren’t doing what you can and are expected to do – that you are automatically losing out. By not knowing what you should be doing, you may be behind the pack by simply not following the expected rules.

Tips for Google

Though we don’t know complete details of exactly how Google ranks your website, what we do know are basic tips and guidelines to follow. Use an SSL certificate to ensure your visitors are safe during their browsing on your website. Ensure your site is mobile friendly and provides an excellent experience regardless of the device size being used. Provide quality content that answers the questions that your visitors are looking for. Register your site with Google and use the free tools they provide to ensure your site is following the necessary guidelines. Review your analytics to gain insights and to improve your visitors experience. Take advantage of the On-Page SEO meta data to and the Google on-page content recommendations to ensure you are utilizing the tools to your best advantage.

Understand the Guidelines

Simple, direct and to the point. Google and Bing provide various tools to help you, the business owner, show up in their search. The more you understand and follow those guidelines, the more apt you are to be in the game.

If you want to be shown by Google, you have to follow their guidelines, their expectations and use their tools to ensure your site is fine-tuned and be the best it can be. Don’t get left behind!

Next week’s blog will explain and be a bit more technical, to try to outline more options for you regarding Google. It is difficult for most entrepreneurs to fully grasp how Google works but by knowing the rules, following the guidelines, and providing quality content you can improve your site ranking.

What strategies do you need to stay competitive?