The term “content is king” was coined in an essay written in 1996 by Bill Gates. It is the ultimate succinct summary of why the internet exists – for the content that we seek. Content is the goliath that draws us to the internet to gather information, find answers to all of our questions. Content is what is delivered by every website, every application. Content informs us and allows us to make decisions, to proceed forward, or wait. Content is truly king and rules our engagement and interaction with digital.

How content delivers

For the past ten years Blue Zenith Design +Strategy, has served small business and entrepreneurs that seek to ultimately stand out and be found. Entrepreneurs are served well by the mantra “content is king” as it is the driving force behind how Google ranks your website pages. Understanding this one simple concept can structure entire strategies to ensure that the information you present to the world indeed is the right information being sought out by the people you choose to work with.

How content rules

Content will always rule and be the primary reason that websites are built. Content combines all formats of information delivery: video, audio, visual, interactive. Content encapsulates all the ways we engage with information.

Remember that the information you put out on your website is important – and ultimately is the reason that your website exists. It’s the essence of who you are, what you do, displays how best to engage with your business. It is a detailed description of the problems you solve, outlines details of your packages and offerings, overviews your industry expertise, presents your mission in business, validates the transformation you promise. All of this is the information your visitors aim to discover. They want an inkling of the experience they will have when they do business with you, and what they potentially will learn from you.

content strategy evolution

Content strategy is defined as planning, developing and managing content, to me, it is creating an action plan to build and expand the information found on your website. Content strategies expand upon your website pages and presence, builds upon your industry knowledge and expertise, and ensures your voice matters within your industry and followers. Content strategies are what builds awareness to what you do, building upon who you are and your industry experience. Content combines all types of information: written, visual, audio video, and is intended for your individual ideal client. It should be the exact information your clients and potential clients are seeking, the answers to their questions, the information they need to make an informed decision, and always shining light on your expertise.

Content strategies should be considered an integral part of doing business, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses. If there’s any one thing that a business can do to build community, to bring awareness to their offerings, is to adhere to a content strategy that expands and changes over time as the business grows and changes.

The focus

But your strategies should be focused and purposeful. Think of your business as a publisher. You have the opportunity to publish industry articles that answers questions, create videos that can show your clients who you are and how to use your products. For content strategies to work, the topics need to be relevant to your audience, delivered uniquely specific the way they are looking for.

Build Credibility in Your Expertise