Last week we discussed the classic “content is king” phrase which still resonates today. For the past ten years Blue Zenith Design +Strategy, has served small businesses and entrepreneurs that seek to stand out and be found. Entrepreneurs are served well by the mantra “content is king”. It is the driving force behind how Google ranks your website pages. Grasping this one concept can structure entire strategies to ensure that the information you present to the world indeed is the right information that is directed to the people you choose to work with. So, it is with this concept in mind I’d like to provide a few simple tips to getting started, or building upon an existing content strategy.

Questions need answers

It begins with questions…what questions have you been hearing asked by your clients or potential clients when you meet with them? Make a list of the most important questions you are asked. Incorporate those questions into your next blog posts, videos, or social marketing topics and provide the answers to them.

What difference can you make?

Have you identified how your expertise is different within your industry? What are three things that you do differently in your process or approach that is different from your competitors? Can you highlight these unique qualities when you are writing your content strategy? How could you communicate these differences? Answer all of these questions and you can make a compelling argument why you’re the most experienced professional in your industry, and can best serve their needs.

Blogs are powerful

It only takes one topic a month to start. Sometimes starting a content strategy can seem daunting. If you have never blogged or have a simple strategy, can you come up with 12 topics that can used in the next twelve months for adding to your content strategy? Can you find twelve questions, twelve topics that you can address over the next 12 months? By seeing it not as a twelve month strategy, but finding twelve topics to discuss with your followers, it can break away the stress over getting started or expanding what you are already doing.

Content has always been important and is the sole reason your website exists. Creating powerful strategies that gains attention from the right people…. your ideal clients… that’s what it’s all about. Build a community of followers that need what you do – and give them the chance to get to know you, like you, trust you to do business with you.

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