Ten years ago, a business didn’t require a digital presence or website for longevity. People networked, they went to trade shows, wined and dined potential clients, and built face-to-face relationships. Having a website wasn’t a requirement to be in business. Over the past decade, that has dramatically changed. Our websites have become our number one publishing tool, it is our digital storefront. Regardless of whether we actually do business in a brick-and-mortar building our website is the most critical piece of our operations, our most efficient marketing tool. It has become the vehicle to showcase awareness of our business, the way we entice people to choose us to do business with us, and how we grow our expertise and unique perspective within our industry. Our website has become a tool that we simply can’t live without.

the silent interview

Ten years ago, there were many businesses that hadn’t needed a website to be successful. They did business the old-fashioned way – getting to know their clients and making sure they put themselves in front of the right people. That is no longer the case. If a business doesn’t have a website, there’s no way to search for it as a credible entity. No way can we get to know each business better, to discover more about them and their team. Our curiosity and desire to find answers has led us to utilize the internet as a way to field the basic questions we have about someone… it’s become the silent interview when we meet someone, go immediately to the internet and search to learn more, to see who they are, and discover more about their business.

consumers demand more

As consumers demand more, we need to meet their demands. It’s not enough to just be in business, we need to show our message online, on our website, in our own social media channels, as a way to build a following and ensure that people can find us. It is no longer enough to be proficient at what we do. There are so many others that exceed at what they do in our industry. It’s not even enough to be online. It’s not even enough to have a website. It’s not even enough to be good at what you do. It’s not even enough to provide good customer service. We need to excel!

We need change the lives of our clients. We need to respect our clients and provide them the best services we can do, in an innovative and creative way. Respecting their journey, respecting the relationship we are building with them. That is one thing that no matter what changes with technology, that one point will never change. Our customers are always right. Our customers are the most important part of being in business, and our relationship with them should be sacred and guarded. It doesn’t matter any longer in the face of this that we are using technology to meet them.

your digital storefront

At Blue Zenith Design + Strategy we’ve been creating digital storefronts for entrepreneurs for many years. We understand that our clients choose to work with us because of who we are. Utilizing our expertise, and because we choose to boldly embrace our superpower and unique perspective, we carry that over to the digital world. By showcasing YOU and your team, by honestly revealing the humanity behind your business, telling your story, speaking to the true value of what you offer, that is what it means to create a digital storefront, Therefore when people land on your website home page, they are greeted with your message, your pictures highlighting your values, allowing your visitors to greet you and overview your business expertise.

technology is your tool

Relationships are here to stay; thankfully we don’t have to give that up. But so is convenience…so is online purchasing, online buying, and online researching. Our clients will continue to demand we stay on top of digital trends. So let’s face it, no matter what you do, no matter who you serve, we are all in the business of understanding and utilizing technology to stay competitive and shine larger than our competitors. We need to lead our fans, carry our business into the New Year and beyond.

Technology is your tool – just as it works for a large conglomerate, it works for you. Utilize technology and you have the makings of longevity, of a business worthy of being found, and doing business with. Utilize the tools you have at your advantage, utilize the resources, and stand boldly in that which makes you unique and bright in the business world.

takeaway tips

1. Does your business reflect your offerings? Your personality? Does it show WHY your customers should choose to do business with you?
2. As an entrepreneur, you know YOU are the biggest weapon you have against competitors. Your perspective, your expertise, your innovation. Make sure your digital presence reflects these things and connect with the clients that need to do business with you!
3. How can you up your game digitally this year in 2019?


Evaluate your digital presence and find ways you can enhance and highlight your expertise