It was in January 1996 that Bill Gates declared that content is king. At that time, he was referring to written content. Over time, the way we consume content has changed, from written content, to infographics, to video. Content and information will forever be the most important thing that we seek when searching online. How that information is delivered, and how we want to consume that information, depends on many factors. The current trend is that people are choosing to consume information through video over reading. There are still multiple reasons to deliver information in many formats to account for the many different ways our own audiences consume information. The trend is clear – video is gaining ground, and like mobile, overtaking the way we interact and engage with information.

That trend has been gaining traction for a very long time. Since about 2013 YouTube has been the second most-used search engine. People have identified video as an easy way to consume information, from how-to videos, to tutorials on how to accomplish something; people would rather watch a video over reading. In a Cisco study from 2015 they predicted that by 2019, over 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video, up from 75 percent in 2014.

technology and you

Our lives are closely intertwined with technology; and we have morphed into a 24-7 society. In the quest for a simpler lifestyle, we understand we need to work smarter. People are consuming more audio content, from podcasts, to audio books. We have identified unique ways to multi-task, to allow ourselves ways to learn information needed, to engage with learning in an on-the-go world. Video and audio are becoming the stars of how we choose to consume information. Video webinars, video online learning, audio podcasts on our commute, audio books while we’re cooking, all ways we are engaging with technology at all aspects of our daily lives, and finding ways to make things easier, to learn, to grow, to create.

content is the key element

Content has always been the sole reason that the internet was created. Sharing content and ultimately storing content. Content is what Google serves to those seeking answers – web page content, images, video, we are seeking knowledge, we are seeking answers, and Google has been in the business of content since the day it was developed.

Content is what you create to market your business, it is what your customers are seeking, it is how we drive business and how we stand distinct in our industry. Content reflects our expertise, in our industry to our customers and potential customers. It is what allows us to become a leader in what we do. Content turns dreams into reality. It is a powerful tool we yield that can build a following, be recognized as the expert, to share ideas, to change thinking, to innovate what we do. Content is the basis of our digital platform, and is why people are reaching out to us, to find answers and information. Respecting content for what it is, for seeing the power in its use, and creating a strategy to build upon a conversation with our followers.

it is an evolution process

Though written content had been what we sought out when we began Blue Zenith Design + Strategy, we have watched the trend and know that as all things evolve, the base knowledge, the foundation does not. The tools change, the way we use something changes, but the foundation remains the same. Content is what we seek, but how we consume has changed over time. From written, to video, to audio, and to the diverse ways we demand to consume our information in the quest to find answers. As the way we search for information has changed, so has how we consume that information.

how important is seo?

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, we know the importance of SEO and being found. It’s been our belief from the inception of our business, that content itself is by far the single most important part of the website design… and SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the art of being found. It’s a blend of understanding what the search engines are seeking, and what consumers are searching for. Those two pieces foundationally come from your expertise – your in-depth understanding of what your customers are looking for. Content strategy is ensuring that you are answering their questions, that you understand the buying process and provide answers to the questions that your ideal clients are looking for. Using a well-founded customer-based content strategy to build upon your business’s SEO is the key to being found. Of course, there are the traditional tools and resources used, but when an entrepreneur understands their clients, understands their challenges, and can speak to the questions they ask and the information they look for, that IS the power of SEO. A solid content strategy opens doors to SEO, builds upon connections and enhances the relationships being fostered through digital.

the options are endless

People demand options. A video shows us what we need to know, audio allows us to listen and learn while we engage in the stuff of our daily lives. Written allows us to browse to find what we are looking for. Though trends are moving in the direction of video and audio, and incorporating a more passive way to engage and learn, there will always be reasons to provide options to our consumers. Whether it be what they are looking for, to how they are used to consuming information, keep in mind the many ways we choose to engage with something, and provide varying solutions to how we consume and learn. Repurpose the information you choose to deliver through various mediums, from a written article, to a video tutorial, to an audio clip, to a visual infographic, understand there is more than one way to engage your audience and use those mediums to benefit your consumers.

takeway tips

1. Examine how you present your expertise. Do you utilize all the varying mediums here: written content, video, audio, visual (infographic).
2. Examine the information that makes up your content strategy. What mediums make the most sense for your audience?
3. Review your analytics to see which medium is most consumed, and if it isn’t matching what you believe to be true, make sure you are marketing the information appropriately so that your audience can find the varying ways you present your information.

worth thinking about

Do you utilize all forms of content in your digital content strategy? Evaluate how you are delivering your content, and ensure that it’s meeting the standards of all ways your clients choose to consume information. Don’t make the assumption that a particular age group prefers one way over another. With today’s tech-savvy consumer, its more about where they are and what they are doing, that affects how they prefer their information to be delivered.

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