Every entrepreneur creates a vision of where they’d like their business to be in a year, maybe two. Check out your website and ask yourself if it reflects that vision? Customers like the intimacy and vibes of a small-business where you can be yourself and sell authenticity. Your website should be a reflection of your values and should speak your truths. The really positive take is that big businesses are often bound by corporate regulations, you’re not. So you have the freedom to make a genuine connection from your website to all social media marketing and branding. Allow your audience inside your living room; get personal and let them know who you really are. Reveal your personality with your branding colors, graphics and words. Unveil your creativity and don’t be afraid to show off your specific offerings that are unique to you. Big corporations just cannot do that!

A candid “about us” page

Your website “about us” page is where you get to tell your story. Let it all out and ring true. Even if you are feeling vulnerable, be candid. It helps when you’re regarded as a genuine person and not a branded facade. This trust helps to turn potential customers into clients who can trust your motives and know exactly how they will be treated while they are working with you.

Accessible products and services

As always, it’s super important that your products and services be visible and easily accessible. They should not be difficult to locate, no one should have to guess at what you do. Whatever your offerings are, be sure to make it clear you are the best. If you are selling a product make sure you are using the latest e-commerce technology. Customers are unhappy when their cart hangs up or a coupon does not effectively apply to a sale.

It’s all about new clients, right? They have to know exactly how to reach you, phone, address or email, they have to find you. Link your contact page from all your social media. Make it super easy for clients; it’s like passing out a ton of business cards when they find a hyperlink everywhere. It can be visible on your blog, newsletter and all your social media activities.

Connect the vision

Visitors to your website can take a peek inside your motivations with a blog. A blog is a super opportunity to talk about new innovations in your field and allows clients to be aware of your ability to bend with the times and accept new insights. If you are specific about branding colors and mood, your blog reflects that fun personality you want to project. It becomes another outlet to reinforce brand promise. You can ‘meet’ others through the comment section where they have an opportunity to interact with you on a more personal level.

Rave about reviews!

They are not a sales pitch, they come from an unbiased source, and testimonials are priceless. Ask all of your clients to provide feedback on your page. Those intimate reviews speak for themselves and provide candid, trustworthy information about you…the business owner. When you utilize your website as an honest communication with your audience, it can provide an amazing outlet for connecting and relationship building.

Your brand is critical to connecting with ideal clients, and your website and digital presence needs to work as hard as you do to make this happen. It starts with stepping into the shoes of your clients. Get into their mindset and learn what you can about them and their journey. Then craft a journey to their success or happiness.

Reference: Galassi, D. (2018). Reimagine Your Brand: Blue Zenith LLC Centennial CO

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