Connect with your ideal client. It’s the single most important piece of building a strong business. It includes knowing your tribe, finding your tribe, and connecting with your tribe. Connection has been the overarching element of success in my business.

With the demise of the yellow pages, the most convenient way to find a business became searching online and finding a website—and not just any website. Today, your website has to be your digital marketplace, your digital brick-and-mortar. It has to capture the essence of what makes you different.

Connect the Dots

The rules have also changed. The website has become a tool for potential customers to learn more about you and your business. This wasn’t always the way it worked in advertising—small businesses with limited budgets simply stated what they did in local print ads and let customers pick up the phone to call.

On the other hand, large corporations with huge marketing budgets have been producing effective advertising to effectively brand themselves for decades. Think of the memorable and highly effective advertising and branding campaigns of cigarettes, alcohol, and cars of the 1960s through the 1980s. For example:
“You’ve come a long way baby” Virginia Slims cigarettes
“It’s Miller time” Miller beer
“Go topless this summer” Triumph Spitfire convertible

The brand promise

Imagine the experiences these words promised—and countless consumers bought it. They may have loved the products, but it was the branding that connected and hooked them emotionally to big companies.

This kind of branding was only available to the “big guys” until recently. Today websites and social media marketing allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to grab a piece of the pie that was untouchable in the past. Even the little guy with a limited budget can brand himself as well as well as big corporations—maybe better

If you want to engage with the ideal clients, you need to think of your website, and the words, images, and offerings on it, as a reference for your clients. It needs to be a place where they can learn from your industry experience, and it should provide answers to their questions. Most of all, it needs to have the heart and soul that your ideal clients connect to.

Make it Happen!

It is critical to connect with your ideal client and your website and digital presence needs to work as hard as you do to make this happen. It starts with stepping into the shoes of your clients. Get into their mindset and learn what you can about them and their journey. Then craft a journey to their success or happiness.

Reference: Galassi, D. (2018). Reimagine Your Brand: Blue Zenith LLC Centennial CO

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