It would be wonderful if we could envision the future, or at the very least let’s consider 2019. This time of year we try hard to set sights on the future and get a handle on a marketing plan. But what do you want to promote? Do you have a clear vison of goals, promotions, maybe a blueprint for the business year? It would be amazing to find an old lamp in an obscure corner that could project the answers to these questions. If you could wish for anything that could guarantee you a successful future as an entrepreneur, what would it be?

Entrepreneurs might want a tiny peek into the future, because business success depends upon accurately predicting the most effective way to meet the needs of your customers. But there is no peek; there is only the development of a clear vision and a solid plan. During this time it’s best to craft a projection of what you want to accomplish next year …and that’s without benefit of a magic lamp.

A vision of future accomplishments

It goes without saying that magic lamps don’t exist, and you won’t ever get a chance to peer into the future. But you get it! The past has served you well and all of the past can be taken into account, adjust the bad and expend on the good. As an entrepreneur you can chart the course and envision the journey of where you want your business and your brand to be in a year.

focus on new paths

It is always so nice that we get an opportunity to create a “new”. Every new year that rolls around enables an entrepreneur to think about a creative marketing strategy, a new course of action. Maybe it’s that book you always wanted to write. Possibly you’ve noticed lately a shift in client base. Then you might want to focus on including them in a focused strategic marketing plan. And how exciting! Your business may be heading in a different direction. Talk about that change with your clients loud and clear!

It’s easy to “plan to plan,” to force yourself to shift your focus from the present to the future. But actually doing so can be extremely challenging. Without the focused framework for drawing up your plan and implementing it, you may be on a long journey without a map.

Need Some Tools?

At Blue Zenith we can provide you with the tools you need to accurately grasp the current state of your business and your brand. You will need to define your vision in order to create a twelve-month road-map to reaching and achieving your goals. Once this vision is set on paper you can plot the segments that will carry you on that journey. Make sure you are not missing opportunities because your messaging doesn’t connect with the right people. Let us take you on your journey to creating the brand you need to stand out, stand up and shoot to the moon.

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