Technology is the future of business and today’s consumers want it all. Besides a truly personal connection to your brand, they expect a great product and a flawless buying experience. With all of this addressed how do you think they’d rate their experience on your website? The time has arrived for you to dedicate and focus on learning to embrace all new technology your business needs for future growth.

Seek out technology weak points

First you should determine the type of website technology you may be lacking to compete in today’s highly competitive online world. One of the first things I ask a client is if they know where their domain name is hosted? Your domain name is the foundation of your digital brand. It needs to be in an account that is owned and managed by you, the business owner.

Keep your visitors safe

Do you use an SSL certificate (HTTPS)? It’s highly recommended all websites use HTTPS to securely browse the pages on your website. SSL Certificates are installed on a web server and activate a padlock and the https protocol which in turn allows secure connections for the site visitors from a web server to a browser.

back-up plan

Do you have a website backup plan in place? Building your website is always a major business investment. Backing up your website is crucial to keeping this investment secure. There is no better protection plan available with any insurance company that outshines the back-up of your website.

how Google works for you

Then of course, let’s not forget Google analytics and search console accounts. Google measures the traffic coming to your site and provides insights to how your web pages are being used. An essential tool is to have your business listed on Google maps. If you have a brick-and-mortar storefront, you should have your business listed on Google Maps. This works also if your business is not brick and mortar to pinpoint your location. Another healthy option is to have a Google My Business account which allows you to create a business listing and manage your public profile.

the future of mobile

Is your site optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets? When your site is mobile friendly, the content adjusts and optimizes how the information is displayed when viewing on various devices, like a smartphone or tablet. Understand that a website is the link to the future, with buying options and mobile website use numbers are set to sky rocket in the next years.

Of course since the world needs to find you, you’ll need proper on-page search engine optimization. This is the basic meta data for how your website shows up on the search engine results page.

If you take nothing else away from these tips, try to remember this: the key to an amazing online storefront is making sure you never stop improving, never stop asking your audience what they need, and never stop doing your research. We can help, our designs make your storefront content shine.

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