An Authentic story! Whether it’s passing down history from one generation to another or curling up with a good novel, we all want to hear compelling tales. When we think of stories, we usually think of specific mediums for telling a story, such as books, but have you ever considered that branding can tell a story as well?

You may not realize it, but good brands are incredibly effective at telling the story of a business or organization through various branding elements. A brands logo, tagline and even colors can communicate a great deal, especially when designed to appeal to your ideal customer. Without a brand story to communicate through branding, your brand can come across as generic.

your journey

A common and incredible mistake that small businesses make is to believe that their own journey as an entrepreneur is boring. Even if you are able to successfully build a brand around an embellished story, your clients will be able to see through this and write off your brand as being inauthentic. Your brand story starts with your own journey, and that journey has to be portrayed authentically in order to deliver on the promises that your brand makes.

your brand story has to be authentic

It’s important to understand the rule of authenticity in your brand story. For instance, an outfitter, or a company that sells gear and supplies to outdoor enthusiasts, doesn’t need to be staffed entirely by veteran outdoor enthusiasts. But your clients expect authenticity in their interactions with your brand. There are also brands are built around the journeys of founders who are no longer with the company. That doesn’t affect the authenticity of the brand as long as the company or organization standing behind the brand still delivers a customer experience that is authentic to the original story.

tell your brand story the right way

You may not believe that your personal journey isn’t “exciting enough,” but it may just be that you haven’t had the expert guidance and resources to articulate your journey in just the right way. Remember that your uniqueness, expertise and personality define your brand. We provide the tools and guidance you need to enable you to create a brand story that is both authentic and powerful, effectively incorporating it into your brand!

Define your purpose and document your journey in just the right way!