The definition of brand loyalty is very simple and straightforward. It’s the tendency for buyers to return to the same brands, products and services, rather than seeking out the competition. While brand loyalty may be a simple concept to understand, it’s an incredibly difficult goal to achieve. But it is crucial to the future growth of your business, in fact, the future of your business hinges on consistently generating brand loyalty.

The Value of Brand Loyalty

Why is generating brand loyalty so important? It’s all about the numbers. According to the Marketing Profs, on average, loyal customers only account for 20% of total customers. But interestingly enough that 20% drives 80% of revenue. Realize that loyal customers tend to spend ten times more than new customers! Simply put, your most loyal customers are also your most valuable customers. A business that can increase brand loyalty will increase their revenue and profitability!

the secret to creating brand loyalty

You may be wondering if there’s a secret formula to generating brand loyalty. Sorry, the headline to this section is a bit misleading, because there isn’t a secret formula. While there isn’t a secret formula, there’s more unfortunate news-it’s not easy or simple. Generating brand loyalty requires hard work, perseverance, dedication and attention to detail. It involves engaging your customers on every level, from the moment they become aware of your brand until well after they have completed their purchase. It involves treating every customer as if they were your most important customer, because they are.

following up, following through

If you’re going through the hard work of generating customer loyalty, it’s crucial to ensure that your digital branding, and your marketing initiatives reflect it. Your brand should accurately convey your commitment to customer satisfaction and retention. It’s also not “bragging” to illustrate and amplify this commitment. However, your branding is not a substitute, so no amount of exceptional branding can cover up the fact that you’re not following through on the commitments and promises that you’re making.

we have powerful tools

The team at Blue Zenith includes experienced experts that understand digital branding inside and out and your brand isn’t the only element we can help you address. A versatile website built with industry-leading content management and e-commerce systems can help you automate the process of following up during and after the sale. It will also enable following through when one of your customers has a question or concern. By using these powerful tools in conjunction with a powerful brand, you can make the process of generating brand loyalty easier and more consistent.

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