It’s important to have a brand promise that stands apart from the crowd in today’s overcrowded marketplace. That statement means offering your audience something they can believe in. Today’s consumers reject being marketed to. What audiences do want is a brand that shares their values – a feeling of like-mindedness. They want to feel a personal connection – if not with the products and services they buy, then with the people behind them.

defining the brand promise

If your brand doesn’t stand for something, it doesn’t stand a chance. Sound like a clique? A successful business is one that makes people feel like it will improve their lives – something that’s not always easy to do through traditional marketing channels. Enter the brand promise. Your brand promise should define your entire business; it should be as unique as you are and impact every aspect of your company. It’s who you are, and what you stand for but most importantly how you’ve decided to make others feel.

authenticity shines

Promises don’t just communicate the benefits of your products – they let a potential client know how you’re going to help change their life. They are clear indicators of how you are going to make their business better. While your promise can be stated outright, or expressed more subtly, it MUST be authentic and credible. Successful companies would not do as well if they didn’t deliver on their key promises. Keeping promises clears the path to brand loyalty and repeat customers.

communication is the key

As a business owner, it is your job to figure out exactly what’s missing from your clients’ lives. The key to this is great communication – be present for your clients and listen to what they say. Social media is one way to actively engage with your audience – chat with them on Instagram, create a Facebook group, or send out a Twitter survey. Find out what their pain points are, and what concerns the competition does not address.

When you find out what is lacking in your client’s lives – from time with family to financial security – you can create a product or service that will help fill that void. Bring them that one essential element they lack, and they will be loyal forever.