Why do customers buy from you? To many entrepreneurs, this is the “$64,000 Question,” as we often believe that the answer is a secret to producing a successful business. As with many topics the answer seems simple. Simply understanding the concept itself is the easy part. Once you understand why your customers buy from you, convert that knowledge into a working plan that you can use to reshape almost every part of your digital branding.

Customers Buy From You For One Simple Reason

You may believe that your customers buy from you for a number of reasons. That may include price, selection, branding, etc. While these elements are all certainly important, they don’t address the actual reason of why your customers chose your business over your competitors.

As we mentioned early, the answer is deceptively simple: your customers chose to patronize your business because you solved their problem. It really is that simple! The primary force that drives purchasing is the fundamental need to solve a problem. Many entrepreneurs may claim to understand this process, but their digital branding efforts revolve around selling their product..

Selling Water To A Thirsty Individual

In order to effectively explain this process, imagine that you are in the business of selling glasses of water to thirsty travelers. They have just hiked through the desert. You can talk about how pure the water is, or even the cool temperature of your water as compared to your competitors. Or you can focus your branding and marketing on the fact that your water quenches their thirst, quickly and completely.

If you were to take the role of the thirsty individual who just trekked across the desert, would you care about the purity of the water? It’s more likely that the thought of quenching your thirst is your primary concern and motivation.

While this fictional story is a bit extreme – after all, who would have difficulty selling water to someone who just crossed a desert. It’s a simple way of explaining how many companies miss the forest for the trees when it comes to branding. Don’t waste your limited time and resources on initiatives that don’t directly address the solution your service provides to your customers.

Listening, Understanding, and Responding

Now that you understand the key to why your customers buy from you, it’s time to determine what problems your ideal client is facing and how you can shape your marketing to solving those problems. You don’t need a lot of money to invest in expensive market research either. Just simply listen, empathize and respond to your customers through direct contact and through your advertising. Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they need to always sell when simply listening to their clients is much more effective.

Are you ready to take your digital branding to the next level? Your brand needs to communicate your values and define what makes you uniquely different from your competitors. Work with me and take charge of your business and your brand.