Your business is unique. You’ve built your business to be a reflection of yourself and your values that mirror your hard work and dedication. And through this journey you have become an asset to your community. Now, as your business is growing it’s important to ask yourself if your brand is as strong as your business. And next you should ask if you’ve built a brand that will continue to inspire loyalty in your existing clients.

In many ways, the strength of your business and your brand go hand-in-hand. One cannot survive and grow without the other. If you are working tirelessly to build your business, there’s no reason why you should hold back success and growth with a weak or confusing brand. Luckily, digital branding experts can help you develop a strong brand that can help your business thrive and inspire, both online and off!

Objectivity Is Key To Properly Assessing Your Brand

One of the primary obstacles that entrepreneurs face when trying to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their brand is objectivity. To many entrepreneurs, their small business is their life. They’ve invested their savings and livelihood in the success of their business. Many brands and branding elements were created from scratch, at the beginning when there were no resources or trusted partners. These personal experiences build an incredible amount of loyalty in your own brand, but does your brand convey that loyalty to others?

If your brand has represented your business since the beginning, will it be easy to assess it, to measure its strengths and weaknesses? If you don’t believe that you’re capable of this impartiality, you may need to hand off the brand assessment and potential rebranding process to a team of branding experts.

Assess Each Element Individually, And Then As A Whole

If your brand isn’t as strong as it could be, that doesn’t mean that you must scrap it completely and start over from scratch. Your brand is composed of many different elements, including your logo, your tagline, your brand colors and even a particular font or mascot that helps to identify it. If you have a poorly-designed or outdated logo, or even a logo that isn’t aesthetically-pleasing in digital form, that doesn’t mean that your other branding elements need to be replaced as well. On the other hand, studying your brand elements individually may not reveal the strength or weakness of your brand. Assessing your brand from every possible angle is necessary to ensure that you are being objective and accurate.

Does Your Brand Reflect The Business You Want To Be?

It’s possible that your brand is perfectly adequate for your existing business, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider rebranding. Your brand shouldn’t be a representation of the current size and state of your business, but a representation of what your business will be. Your brand must be inspirational and inspiring, and should be designed to be a comfortable fit for the long-term. Most importantly of all, your brand should not convey the weaknesses or limitations of your business, but instead convey the strengths and aspirations of your business. If your brand isn’t inspiring you, it’s probably not inspiring your customers or building brand loyalty.

Is your business losing out because your brand isn’t inspiring loyalty? The digital branding experts at Blue Zenith, led by founder and CEO Donna Galassi, can help you and your business develop a stellar brand!