Do you know your clients? Your answer to this question is likely an enthusiastic “yes!” However, “knowing” your clients can be defined in many other ways. If you operate a storefront or an online business that requires you to maintain close relationships with your customers, you can honestly answer that you do “know” your clients quite well.

When building a relationship based business, you need to understand your clients and they need to get to know you since a well developed brand is built upon your personality, your values, what you stand for and what makes you unique. A good CRM or Client Relationship Management is your tool to really know your clients, so you can build a relationship that is based on the uniqueness of that client.

Remove The Guesswork

A  CRM isn’t a replacement for the one-on-one relationships you’ve developed with your client, but with it you can create an organized method of reaching out to each of them. This will improve your ability to market and advertise and help you to stay in contact without having to rely on memory or expensive scattered marketing initiatives that are less effective than targeted ones. In short, CRM systems allow you to take the guesswork out of maintaining client relationships and, when used correctly, can provide a big boost to your repeat business and client retention rates.

It’s Not Just About You, It’s Also About Your Clients

The first mistake that many small businesses make in their approach to utilizing a CRM is ignoring the benefits that CRM provides to their clients. If you use CRM simply as a tool to send emails, phone calls and mailers, not only will your efforts fail to generate significant results, but you might also anger a certain percentage of your client base.

Successfully utilizing a CRM system requires you to understand that it’s just as much about benefiting your clients as it is about benefiting your business. When used properly, a CRM system will enable you to contact your clients on a schedule that will maximize the advantages of your products and services. CRM management can also help you effectively pair your client base with targeted promotions and offers that are most attractive to them. By approaching your CRM system with the understanding that it’s not about generating repeat business at any cost, you can boost your bottom line and grow your business in a manner that’s benefits both you and your clients.

Boost Your Customer Service Along With Your Sales

One of the best reasons to utilize a CRM solution for your small business is the countless benefits that such a system can provide for your business. To put it another way, if you’re only using CRM to boost sales, you’re missing out on other benefits that your system can provide. By keeping detailed client records with your CRM system, you can give your customer service and retention efforts a huge boost!

For example, if a client were to call in with a problem or complaint related to a past purchase, the detailed records you can retain within your CRM system can help your employees understand and resolve the situation immediately, without having to spend time researching or waiting for another team member to respond. A CRM system can also centralize the client knowledge within your organization, which will minimize the impact of a crucial team member being absent from work.

Each Client is Unique

Aside from understanding the important benefits that a CRM system can provide to both your company and your clients, it’s also crucial to understand the importance of client analysis. While your clients may have some common characteristics, in many important ways your clients are super unique. In order to effectively utilize a CRM system, you can identify the different groups that define your clients and organize your CRM data to match those segments. For example, if you have a group of clients that have purchased premium products or services in the past, you can tailor a high-end promotion or sale and specifically target those clients. If you identify a segment of clients as only purchasing your products or services on a specific day of the month or month out of the year, you can tailor a timed promotion or sale that targets this group on a specific month, day, or even hour.

Simply put, the more you can understand what makes each client unique within your CRM system, the more effectively you can market and advertise to each group, resulting in initiatives that are highly effective and successful!