Why does your company need a new or redesigned website?

We understand many of the objections that businesses, especially small businesses with limited resources, have when it comes to redesigning and relaunching their website. Cost is often a factor, but many entrepreneurs, even those who can easily afford a new or redesigned website, don’t like “fixing” things they don’t believe are broken – after all, if your website is functional, accurate and dependable, why do you need a new one? It can be easy to assume that most websites are created equal. Most websites, even relatively older ones, share many of the same elements and components as newer sites, and while your website may not be as flashy or as modern as your competitors, you may not perceive that to be important enough to warrant an upgrade or redesign.

Do You Need to Minimize Expenses?

As a small business, we understand the importance of minimizing operating costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses. However, as web designers, we also understand that an older website may be holding you back, and in many cases, it may even be driving potential customers away. Worse, an older website and its Content Management System (CMS) may be vulnerable to hacking, which can be costly and humiliating to fix. Attempting to maintain an older website may even be more expensive to your business in the long run than updating or redesigning it!

Your Older Website May Be Limiting Your Potential

Unfortunately, your website can be holding you back in ways that aren’t apparent at first glance. Your website should be the centerpiece of a comprehensive online presence that attracts, funnels and converts members of your target into new customers, and this conversion process requires functionality that may be beyond the limited CMS that’s powering your current website. Without a feature-rich and versatile CMS, your current website may be limiting your ability to convert prospective customers or even attract the right kind of customers to your business.

Your Older Website May Be Driving Away Your Ideal Clients

Setting aside the practical functionality of your website and the importance of your marketing funnel, an outdated website may be driving away prospective clients, especially your ideal clients, based on poor aesthetics and branding. Great websites have two “foundations” – the practical and technical foundation provided by the CMS and the aesthetic foundation provided by the strength of your digital brand. Simply put, your website is the face of your business to many prospective clients, and if your ideal clients perceive your business to be “lagging behind” your competitors, they will seek out your competitors.

Your Older Website May Pose A Threat To You And Your Clients

Even if you’re perfectly happy with your existing website and you have no interest in upgrading your site to boost your conversion rate, an outdated website – or, more specifically, an outdated CMS – can present a tangible security threat to you, your business and your clients. Just like the operating systems powering your computers and mobile devices, the CMS powering your website requires regular security and featured updates to patch vulnerabilities and correct bugs. Without these regular updates, your website can be more easily hacked, leading to site downtime and a loss of financial or other confidential information. Worse, if your site is compromised, you may also be exposing other sites hosted on the same web server and even your client’s personal devices to further hacking and intrusions, leaving you and your company potentially liable, not to mention embarrassed. If you aren’t sure when your CMS was last updated, you may have a vulnerable website.