Over the last eleven weeks, we have had a wonderful time introducing you to our Do-It-Yourself Online Branding Course, Go Ahead. Dream Big., and we’re surprised how quickly we have reached the last segment. We’ve explored the GADB program from the inside out, and we’ve explained in detail how your business can greatly benefit from a powerful, versatile and re-energized brand. Go Ahead. Dream Big. represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned about branding as we’ve helped brand and rebrand a wide variety of businesses, and we truly believe that a great brand can mean the difference between a business succeeding and excelling or fighting to remain viable. With so much riding on your brand, it’s worth it to you to invest the time and resources necessary to ensure that your brand is truly working to elevate your business!

In the final segment of our course, we will review everything you’ve learned through each of the last four modules, including a free 30-minute, one-on-one training session with Blue Zenith founder and CEO, Donna Galassi! For our last GADB post in this series, we will recap the second half of the course. Go Ahead. Dream Big. isn’t our last word on branding in general or developing a powerful digital brand for your business. We will be happy to also explain how you can continue your branding journey, helping you reinforce or adjust as your business needs and your industry changes over time. At Blue Zenith, the continued success of your digital brand is our top priority!

What’s Your True Value?

What’s your true value? You’re already well aware of the production costs associated with developing, producing and offering your products and services for sale, but when it comes to crafting a brand that truly appeals to your target market, the “true” value of your product or service has nothing to do with your production costs, and it has little to do with the prices you’ve set. It’s all about how your products and services, and by extension your brand, is perceived by your ideal clients and target market. In this fifth GADB module, you are tasked with determining this “true” value, and we help guide you through the process of shaping your brand, your products and your services in a way that utilizes this “true” value that you’ve now learned to associate with your brand.

Your Customer Journey

The importance of your customer journey, which is the topic of our sixth GADB module, centers around the promises you make to your clients and customers with your brand. Your brand, in fact, promises your clients a very specific journey, from the time they first become aware of your brand, all the way until after your product or service is delivered. We’re not expecting perfection – in fact, it’s impossible to prevent mistakes and mishaps from ever occurring again, but you must closely align the practical journey that your customers undertake with the one promised through your branding. If these two journeys, both the promised and the practical, don’t align, existing and prospective customers will feel betrayed by the promise made by your brand, which can ultimately be disastrous for your business.

Communicate Effectively Through Your Brand

You may not consciously realize it when you come in contact with a brand, but good brands are wonderful at telling the story of a business or organization through various branding elements. The logo, tagline and even a specific set of brand colors can communicate a great deal when presented correctly, especially when developed and designed to specifically appeal to a certain pre-established ideal customer. Without a trustworthy and effective story to communicate through your branding, your brand can come across as bland, confused or even questionable, which makes establishing and effectively communicating a brand story a vital component of your brand and our seventh module.

Your Brand Story

Throughout the first eight modules of Go Ahead. Dream Big., we present a lot of big ideas and concepts related to effective branding. We also understand that many business owners are somewhat hesitant or even resistant to adapting new ideas and concepts to their own business – after all, it’s entirely possible that you’ve spent a lot of money and resources on courses and seminars that were either too vague or broad to effectively work for you. Go Ahead. Dream Big. is different, specifically because we help you from start to finish, not just by providing you with the tools and strategies you’ll need to develop a great brand, but by helping you establish your own custom set of strategies that, like a map, that will provide you and your business with a specific path forward to achieving your goals.

Are you ready to Go Ahead. Dream Big. yet?