Through the first eight modules of Go Ahead. Dream Big., we’ve discussed a lot of big ideas and concepts related to developing and launching an authentic, powerful and compelling brand for your small business or organization. If you’ve been a bit hesitant or even resistant to these big ideas and concepts, we understand. The Internet is filled with business development and branding experts who promise to reveal secret or novel new ways to elevate your business and your brand.

We’re not saying that these experts are wrong, but simply understanding the importance of developing a stellar brand, or digesting a lot of pleasant-sounding buzzwords and concepts around the subject, isn’t enough to actually transform your business and your brand. You need to be able to develop and implement strategies that will actually move your business and brand forward and upward, and the tools and guidance we provide in this ninth module of the GADB course will help you develop those strategies within the larger framework and context of our course as a whole!

A Map, Instead Of A Picture

Imagine that you know the location of a wonderful camping spot that’s nestled in a beautiful clearing, with a spectacular view of the mountains. You could describe the camping spot to a friend, pointing out the advantages of choosing this particular location over other camping destinations. You could even share pictures of your camping adventure or, if you have the talent and ability, paint a picture of the view from your campsite. These methods of sharing your experience with others do a great job of conveying the greatness of the experience, but they do little to help a friend camp in the same physical space and share your experience, because in order for your friend to share your experience, you need to provide a map.

We believe that many online branding courses and seminars do a great job describing the importance of effective branding, and some even provide examples of other brands that have reached a certain level of success, but our course, Go Ahead. Dream Big., helps you reach that level of success by providing you with the tools you’ll need to develop your own custom set of strategies that, like a map, will provide you and your business with a specific path forward.

Before You Can Move Forward…

Why do we believe that our Go Ahead. Dream Big. course is superior to many of the other branding seminars and courses available online? It’s all about getting to know you and your business, inside and out. Many seminars and courses only allow for communication in one direction: from the business development or branding expert to you, the student. While the information and guidance provided by these programs may be perfectly adequate, there is often a breakdown between taking the seminar and course and applying it later to your own business. This is especially true when it comes to developing personalized and effective strategies for taking your business and brand to the next level – before you can move forward, you have to know where you are, where you’ve been and the distance you still need to traverse before you can reach your branding goals.

Learn how to develop effective business strategies