For the past six weeks, we have had a wonderful time introducing Blue Zenith’s newest Do-It-Yourself online branding course, Go Ahead. Dream Big., and the first five modules of the course here are our blog! We couldn’t be more excited to share our insights into the advantages that each module provides to entrepreneurs and business managers interested in creating powerful, compelling and enduring brands.

After completing the first five modules, Go Ahead. Dream Big. students reach the halfway point in the course and are presented with a “midterm,” which reviews each module and ensures that the student is ready to proceed to the second half of the course. In keeping with the spirit of our GADB blog series, we are thrilled to review the last five posts, providing you with another opportunity to review the benefits of completing the first five GADB modules!

Why Is It Important To Be A Branding Hero?

In the first module of the Go Ahead. Dream Big. course, we provide you with the tools and guidance you need to accurately and efficiently plot the current state of your business and your brand. This in turn allows you to conceptualize and create a twelve-month roadmap that will help you achieve your mid-term goals. Simply stating or believing that you will someday shift your focus to the future of your business and put a plan in place to propel your business into next year isn’t enough – it’s time to follow through and do it, and once you’ve chosen to complete the GADB program, you’ll have the formal structure of this course module in place! This module will ultimately allow you to save time and place your plan within the larger context of the Go Ahead. Dream Big. program as a whole!

Build a Strong Brand Foundation

Your brand foundation is formed by identifying and empathizing with your ideal clients and target market. How do you reach this level of awareness and empathy? By identifying the problems they are attempting to solve and the factors that motivate them to seek out a specific solution to those problems, allowing you to tailor your branding and your products and services to be as attractive and as appealing as possible!

In this second module of our Go Ahead. Dream Big. program, we will provide you with the tools you need to correctly identify and conceptualize your ideal client and target market, providing you with the foundation you need to develop and launch a brand that directly appeals to these ideal clients!

Complete A Competitor Analysis

How do you define your competition? To you, are they “the enemy?” When we think of our competitors in strictly adversarial terms, we often oversimplify and even dehumanize them, which can make it more difficult to gain the perspective necessary to understand them. Part of developing a strong, resilient and enduring brand involves correctly understanding your competition, and in this third module, we will provide you with the insights and the tools you need to conduct a proper competitor analysis! With the guidance and support of GADB, you’ll ask and answer the right questions, helping you both identify and assess both your existing competitors and potential competitors and putting your brand on a fast-track to success in both your industry and market!

Spark The Interest of Your Target Market

In this fourth module of the Go Ahead. Dream Big. course, we utilize the AIDA model to study how consumers transition from first learning about a particular brand to deciding to purchase a product or service based on that brand.

What does AIDA stand for? It’s an acronym for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, which are all stages that must be successfully traversed by a customer before they reach an informed decision to purchase your product or service. Within the structure of the GADB program as a whole, we expand the AIDA model and provide an insightful guide to customizing each step of its digital sales funnel, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your brand and to boost your sales on a consistent basis!

Why People Buy from You

Are you ready to be a “superhero” to your ideal customers and target market? It’s time to take the AIDA model a step further, and this fifth GADB module will provide you with the tools and knowledge you’ll need to become a “hero” to your customers!

It’s all about developing a master-level understanding of the forces at work in-between the various stages of the AIDA model, and we’ll help you develop the answers you need to reach this understanding! Next, we expand beyond AIDA, helping you turn your brand into the representation of an ideal business or organization in your industry and market and fulfilling your ideal customers’ needs and desires. We firmly believe that branding your business in such a manner will enable you to “save their day” and make their world a better place!

Learn How to Become a Steller Brand