Have you ever stopped to think about the process of purchasing a product or service? We’re not referring to the literal process, such as how credit cards are processed – we’re referring to the space in between the realization that you want or need a product or service and the point in which the product or service is yours.

That’s Cool! Can I Use It? Maybe? Should I?

You may believe that the process involves a serious of random or impulsive decisions, and while you may have purchased an ice cream cone or adopted a puppy or kitten once or twice in your life strictly by acting suddenly on impulse, the majority of purchasing decisions follow a predictable pattern. Why is it important to understand and master this process? Because understanding how your existing and prospective customers make purchasing decisions can provide a roadmap to developing a more effective and powerful brand!

What Is AIDA?

In our new Do-It-Yourself branding course, Go Ahead. Dream Big., we utilize the AIDA model to study how consumers transition from first learning about a particular brand to ultimately deciding to purchase a product or service based on that brand. AIDA is an acronym of Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, which are all stages that a customer must cross before they reach an informed decision to purchase your product or service. In the simplest terms, your customers first become aware of your brand and your products, then become interested in learning more about your brand and products. Next, your customers develop a desire to obtain your products or services, and finally take action to obtain them.

AIDA is not a secret or a complicated process, in fact it only represents the broadest elements of the digital sales funnel. A simple online search can provide any interested reader with a number of AIDA-related resources and various branding, marketing and advertising systems based around its tenets. However, simply understanding how the AIDA system works by itself is not enough to build a powerful and effective brand.

The GADB Advantage

With Go Ahead. Dream Big., we expand the AIDA model and provide an insightful guide to customizing each step of its digital sales funnel to maximize the effectiveness of your brand and to boost your sales on a consistent basis. Through the GADB program, you’ll learn how to build an AIDA-based funnel that gets results, through both a thorough analysis of your current model and the models used by your competitors.

Finally, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources you’ll need to really get inside the mind of your ideal customer, which in turn allows you to view your funnel through their eyes. With this level of insight, you’ll be able to take the first steps towards designing your brand in a way that truly sparks the interest and desire of the clients and target market you want to attract, elevating your brand and driving you and your company or organization to the next level of success!

Spark the interest of your target market