Why do we love superheroes? Even if you didn’t spend a significant amount of time as a child (or as an adult) curled up with a comic book or two, we all have at least one superhero who’s personal life journey and crime-fighting adventures are fascinating to us, whether they are featured in a movie, a television show, a cartoon or a video game. While the specific reasons may vary from viewer to reader, we often love to vicariously fill the role of a hero – we want to be the one who saves the day and who makes the world a better place. Of course, it’s also cool to be a multi-millionaire with a cave full of amazing gadgets as well!

Learn to Be a Superhero

Of course, we’re not going to make the promise that Go Ahead. Dream Big., our new Do-It-Yourself branding course, will turn you into a caped, costumed superhero, patrolling the streets of Denver at night and protecting its citizens from the shadows. We’re also not trying to equate success in business with the actions of the real-life superheroes that have dedicated their lives to protecting our country, our towns and cities – however, we can promise to provide you with the tools and knowledge you’ll need to become a “hero” to your customers. This being because your brand will represent an ideal business in your industry and market, fulfilling their needs and desires in a masterful way. We firmly believe that branding your business in such a manner will enable you to “save their day” and makes their world a better place!

Why Is It Important To Be A Branding Hero?

We understand if you may be overwhelmed by what you consider to be hyperbole – after all, not every small business owner and entrepreneur wants to be a “hero,” they simply want to sell a product or service at a fair price, with a suitable level of service both before and after the sale. However, this attitude may miss both the importance and point of molding and shaping your brand into a powerhouse and identify yourself as the “superpower”. Discover the value of elevating the status of your products and services because simply being an ordinary “Clark Kent” entrepreneur isn’t going to compel prospective ideal customers to choose your brand above your competitors.

The Answers Come Before The Questions

As we discussed in our previous post, part of the GADB course involves learning and utilizing the AIDA model. AIDA is an acronym of Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, which are all stages of the customer journey from first becoming aware of your brand to making the decision to purchase your products and. AIDA is not an original model that we created, and simply learning the AIDA model isn’t going to turn you into a branding superhero to your clients, but it does represent the backbone of your digital sales funnel.

What separates normal entrepreneurs from those that become branding superheroes? It’s all about developing a master-level understanding of the forces at work in-between the various stages of the AIDA model. As part of the GADB program, we will provide you with the answers you need to reach this understanding, and then provide a set of questions that you can use to conform this newfound knowledge into a plan of action that you can use to transform your brand into one that your customers both need and deserve!

Learn to become a “hero” to your target market and identify your “superpower,” Develop a “brand feeling” that motivates your ideal client to seek out your products and services, Discover the value of elevating the status of your products and services.

Discover and identify your “Superpower”