Does your business have a heart? Does your business have a personality? Is there something about your business that makes it unique among not just your competitors, but from your industry as a whole? As an entrepreneur, we know that you love your own business, but what is it about your business that both attracts new customers and instills loyalty in those that regularly return? Believe it or not, these aren’t rhetorical questions, and successfully answering them can literally mean the difference between building a successful business that continues to prosper and grow over the long term and a failed business destined to be forgotten in your industry and market.

Developing A Powerful Brand

Successful entrepreneurs know that developing a powerful and viable brand to support their business is the key to long-term success. A powerful and viable brand is literally the “heart and personality” of a business and the driving force behind customer loyalty. A great brand allows your business to stand apart and above your competitors, emphasizing the strengths of your business and ensuring that your customers have the right set of expectations when they interact with your business. Luckily, developing a winning brand doesn’t require a major investment of money, allowing you to even the playing field between your business and your larger competitors.

Why Is Branding So Important To Your Business?

As a new entrepreneur, you may believe that the bigger you make your “tent,” the more customers you’ll attract to your business. After all, why are a unique brand and an identifiable target market important when you ultimately want to make your business appealing to everyone and anyone? Unfortunately, one of the most potentially devastating mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is forgoing the development of a unique and compelling brand, believing that they can universally appeal to customers via other means.

Without a strong brand, you’re failing to provide your customers with a set of reasons to choose your business. By failing to identify a particular target market for your business, your marketing and advertising initiatives will be weak and ultimately ineffective, wasting valuable and limited resources and putting your business at an avoidable disadvantage in the marketplace.

A Great Brand Is Within Your Reach!

It’s not difficult to think of great brands that have become household names, such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Amazon, and you can probably name a number of small businesses in your area that have developed great brands as well. While these top brands we mentioned have spent hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars over the decades developing their brands, most small businesses do not have access to even a tiny fraction of those resources. But it doesn’t take millions of dollars to develop a great brand – in fact, the tools you need to develop your brand are both affordable and accessible to just about every entrepreneur, including our new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) branding course, Go Ahead. Dream Big.

A Course Designed For Busy Entrepreneurs

Here at Blue Zenith, we made it our mission to develop an online course on exceptional branding that was designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals. We’re not asking you spend hours sitting in a conference room, or requiring you to buy expensive books or study materials. Go Ahead. Dream Big. was designed from the offset to be completed at your pace, from the comfort of your own home or office. The course is comprised of ten modules that can be completed in your spare time and at your own pace, allowing you to primarily focus on building and or running your existing business. Your work is saved on our servers, allowing you the flexibility to complete a module from almost anywhere you have access to your laptop or phone. Best of all, we provide learning tools such as videos and resources that accommodate your learning style, and we offer guidance and support every step of the way.

Over the next few months, we will be profiling the individual components of our new course in-depth, providing you with the answers you need to make an informed decision whether or not to participate as a student. We firmly believe that the more you know about our program, the more you’ll come to understand its importance as a tool to grow and develop both your brand and business. As an early gift to you, we’re also offering a free copy of our downloadable book to help you take the first steps towards creating your next great brand! If you’re ready to both elevate and propel your brand and business forward, it’s time to Go Ahead. Dream Big!