What’s the point of digital branding, marketing and advertising? We all understand the importance of awareness – but aside from awareness what is the point of investing time, money and resources on building brands? A simple black and white sign proclaiming “BURGERS,” or “DRY CLEANING” or “PIZZA” should be enough to inform potential customers what product or service is being offered.

Discover Who I Am

This isn’t a frivolous or silly question, because the answer delves into the heart of what makes a marketing initiative successful. Potential customers want to have a satisfactory idea what type of experience they will have interacting with your business and your product or service, before they choose to commit. With this knowledge in hand, you can create a digital brand and marketing and advertising campaigns that are focused on the customer experience, giving you an advantage over many of your competitors!

Be Careful Not To Fictionalize!

The concept of communicating a potential customer experience through your branding seems simple enough on the surface – after all, figuring out what your customers want and promising to deliver it to them should be easy! However, it’s not enough to simply make promises that you are aren’t willing or able to deliver, as conveying a customer experience that doesn’t exist to potential customers can be disastrous for your brand. These efforts and initiatives must be truthful and sincere in order to be successful.

Does this mean that it’s a good idea to lay out your weaknesses and limits for the entire world to see? Not at all! While being truthful, genuine and sincere are you can accurately portray the customer experience while bolstering its positive aspects. This can be a sure recipe for success.

Consistency Is Key!

In addition to being truthful and sincere, there is one other vital aspect to successfully conveying your customer experience through your marketing and advertising: consistency. In order for your portrayal of your customer experience to be truthful and genuine, it needs to be an experience shared by the vast majority of your customers on a consistent basis.

Be Authentic and Genuine

Create a genuine customer experience that truly personifies your business, your personality, your values and your voice. A well-built brand evolves your purpose into profit. Provide your services with true intention of making your customers feel great when doing business with you. Focus on how your services are going to be delivered and then convey this concept through your digital marketing campaigns.

The customer experience is only one answer to the question, “Why choose you?” At Blue Zenith, we can help you develop a compelling answer to that question that incorporates many other elements that make up a comprehensive digital brand and identity. Let us help you cut through the digital “noise” online and forge an online identity that separates you from your competitors!


Do you know why your customers choose you?