As responsible adults, we prepare ourselves for everything from a personal catastrophe, such as a fire in our home, to more common and mundane problems like “fender benders,” cavities and other unexpected expenses. We have insurance policies that cover our lives, our health, our home, our vehicles and our possessions. We do these things to protect ourselves, our families, and our businesses from harm.

But are all of your important assets, especially your digital assets, protected as well? While your website and data may not be as important as health insurance or your home, your “digital home” needs protection as well. Problems such as online intrusions, malware, and even human error can lead to expensive and time-consuming data loss and website downtime. Luckily, it’s not expensive or complicated to back up your data, update your website, and perform other actions to ensure that your website is protected and ‘insured’!

Is Your Website and Data Updated, Backed-Up, and Protected?

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and discovered that your website and data simply disappeared? Do you have a plan to restore your website and data? If your company data, including emails and essential files, is suddenly unavailable, do you have your most essential data and files backed up? Do you have a backup copy of your website and data that you can use to restore your services?

If these questions are confusing or alarming, don’t panic – backing up your website and company data isn’t complicated or expensive, but it is necessary to have a “disaster plan” in place to ensure that your business isn’t severely disrupted by a permanent loss of service. Here at Blue Zenith, we offer Maintenance and Security services for our customers that include scheduled maintenance, website backups, and content management assistance!

Security Procedures 101

It’s common knowledge in the world of IT security that the most vulnerable and exploitable components of any business network are the humans who use the network. Whether it’s using an insecure password that’s written down on a sticky note or an email user that clicks on any link or attachment that arrives in their inbox, human error and lax operational security is the leading cause of network intrusions, data loss, and other digital calamities that can strike your business.

Being Proactive is The Best Insurance

A proactive solution to this threat isn’t necessarily implementing complicated or heavy-handed security and password policies. Instead, education and training, combined with effective policies, may be a better and more secure solution.

If your employees are using insecure passwords and password practices, then offering training on better password management, combined with a more secure password policy, can be very effective in helping your employees create reasonably-strong passwords and, more importantly, keeping those passwords secure.