In our previous blog post, we discussed at length the role that maintaining a complete digital presence, with a clear path from your social media to your website or blog. The method of converting casual social media followers and readers into new clients or customers is called “funneling,” and it accurately describes process of taking a large splash of readers and condensing them into a concentrated group that is directed to a specific destination. It’s an impossible task to convert every single social media follower into a customer, just as it is impossible for a retailer with a physical storefront to convert every single person that drives by their store into a paying customer. But by correctly utilizing the branding, marketing and advertising tools at your disposal, you can ensure that you’re doing everything within your power to attract new customers, retain existing customers, boost your revenue and ultimately develop and grow your business.

Now that we’ve analyzed this process at a whole, we’d like to review some of the ways you can further develop the “top” of your funnel. For the vast majority of small businesses in 2017 prominent social media services, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, make up this presence, and by boosting your ability to attract new followers and readers, you can bolster your marketing funnel to draw more potential customers to your website or blog!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Login Without A Content Marketing Plan

Now that you’re serious about developing your presence and marketing prowess on social media, it’s time to do some serious planning! Despite the popular notion that business success on the Internet stems from sudden inspiration, entrepreneurs that believe in throwing money and resources at social media marketing and “winging it” rarely succeed.

Establishing a business presence on social media isn’t a golden ticket that instantly leads to large numbers of followers or “likes.” Succeeding through content marketing and other strategies requires a lot of planning and foresight, and it definitely requires a substantive plan of action. Whether you choose to hire professional assistance or handle your own social media marketing, you need a plan that outlines your short, mid- and long-term goals. Complete a full outline of your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily posts, and a calendar with a promotion schedule that maximizes the potential value of any coupon, contest, sale or event.

Social Media Marketing Events Can Be Exciting, Fun And Successful!

We understand that when we seriously discuss social media and other forms of digital marketing, we often sound very serious. “Why so serious?” you may be asking yourself – after all, isn’t utilizing social media supposed to be a fun, enjoyable experience? Through both content marketing and social media marketing events, which can include coupons, contests, sales and events, you are supposed to have a bit of fun. And you should be conveying your own excitement and interest in your products and services to your social media readers. You didn’t become an entrepreneur in order to sit in a dark, windowless office, collating documents with your trusty red stapler, but you didn’t become an entrepreneur in order to waste valuable resources on fun but ineffective marketing endeavors, either.

By gaining an understanding of how to make such events both fun, economical and effective, you can ensure that your passion and enthusiasm, combined with a competent marketing plan and strategy, can lead to a successful and profitable marketing endeavor!

Boosted and Sponsored Posts: Spend Money, Get Results?

Many small businesses rely on developing what we like to refer to as an “organic” social media following, or one that is built entirely through effective content marketing and the free resources provided by social media networks. In contrast, “boosting” or sponsoring your posts involves directly paying the social media networks in question to instantly create a custom audience of temporary followers. This places your posts in the feeds of readers who may be unaware of your business or organization. Choosing to spend money in this manner instantly converts your digital marketing into digital advertising, and when used strategically, can quickly create a large splash of new readers and prospective customers for your marketing funnel. However, simply throwing money at your content marketing isn’t necessarily going to result in a successful campaign – you still need to implement a plan that maximizes the effectiveness of your content before you elevate it with a boost or sponsorship.

Wow! Be Exceptional

You may have noticed a theme throughout this blog post – in order for your social media and content marketing initiatives to be successful, your brand has to stand out on social media. At Blue Zenith, we can help you “wow” your readers and potential customers, simply by teaching you how to develop an exceptional brand. Learn more about Your Brand Wow! Be Exceptional! and how to stand out and be memorable within the sea of small businesses on social media!

Your Brand Wow!