A question exists at the core of every branding, and advertising campaign, and this question remains the same whether you have chosen to place a print ad in your local newspaper or have chosen the most advanced, tech-savvy digital adverting campaign: “Why should you chose to patronize my business, as opposed to patronizing one of my competitors?”

Why Choose Me?

In turn, an answer to that question drives every branding, marketing and advertising campaign. The success of your campaigns often hinges on both how you answer that question and how you present that answer. Small businesses, especially ones that are branded and marketed around an entrepreneur or set of individuals, succeed or fail largely based on how well prospective customers perceive the individuals behind the business.

As a small business or organization, your status as an “underdog” in your industry can present a challenge. Why should a prospective customer choose you and your business over a larger, more established competitor? A larger competitor often has a bigger budget for branding and advertising. There might also be a deeper knowledge base that can undercut their smaller competitors on price. How can a smaller competitor overcome these obstacles? One of the easiest and most effective ways that a small business can instantly gain traction in the marketplace is to build their reputation as an industry expert and win over skeptical prospective customers by conveying their passion, knowledge and expertise through compelling content marketing!

Don’t Let Your Schedule or Anxiety Hold You Back

The primary obstacles that prevent entrepreneurs from harnessing the power of content marketing don’t include a lack of passion or interest. Actually conveying the interest or passion you feel for your industry is often the easiest part. Instead a lack of time or anxiety, and the subsequent procrastination over the actual act of creating the content prevents many entrepreneurs from ever applying their interest and passion to their marketing. While some time and personal involvement is required, nothing is stopping you from outsourcing the actual process of writing copy for your content marketing. It’s probably much less expensive than you think!

However, even the best marketing experts and copywriters still need your input in order to shape, develop and present your business in the exact manner that you want to convey to prospective clients. Schedule time to meet with your digital marketing team, and be as honest and open as possible about how you want to present yourself and your business through your content marketing.

Carefully Consider What Your Prospective Customers Actually Want To Read

While properly conveying your passion and expertise through your copy lies at the core of a successful content marketing campaign, it’s also important to ensure that you are creating copy that your core audience actually wants to read. This can largely depend on your industry and the types of product and service you’re marketing.

For instance, an organic farmer is marketing to an audience largely comprised of “foodies,” or consumers with a heightened interest in the quality, taste and origin of their foods. They are also concerned about the use of chemicals and pesticides in the growing process. These consumers are interested in understanding how their food is sourced, including the growing and harvesting process. One of their major concerns may be the methods used to ward off pests and other issues pertaining to the food itself. In contrast, a tax accountant may choose to focus entirely on current events related to changes or updates to the tax code, as their audience is likely seeking an accountant with the most up-to-date knowledge of obscure tax deductions and loopholes in the law. In turn they have no desire to learn more about how the core fundamentals of how the tax system operates – in short, they don’t care “how the sausage is made.”

Unlock The Power of Your Digital Brand

Identifying what drives prospective clients and customers to choose you and your business or organization over your competitors is the key to unlocking the power of your digital branding, marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of “noise” online that can impede your marketing initiatives.

At Blue Zenith, our team of experts can help you identify what makes your business or organization a compelling choice, and we can help you design a content marketing campaign that will cut through that noise and connect with your prospective customer in powerful and unique ways!