Let’s Go Organic!

In our previous post, we discussed the benefits and effectiveness of developing and launching an organic online marketing campaign, utilizing content marketing through your blog and social media pages to naturally grow an online audience and funnel potential customers back to your website to be converted into new customers. In 2016, a robust online presence and a steady stream of quality content marketing isn’t optional for small businesses. A deficient presence and a lack of content will drive potential customers away from your business; however, choosing to give your presence and marketing a boost through paid social media advertising is optional, and should be complimentary to your original strategy instead of a substitute.

When we discuss how organic online marketing initiatives aren’t optional for small businesses, and how paid social media advertising is, we may be inadvertently giving some of our readers the impression that organic online marketing will meet all of their expectations, and is the optimal solution for all businesses. While your online presence and content marketing stream aren’t optional, at the same time it’s important to understand that there are limitations to strictly choosing an organic plan, with no advertising boost, and it may not meet your initial expectations.

We’re Not All Farmers or Gardeners

When you think of the term “organic,” what comes to mind? For many of us, we relate “organic” to food – more specifically, food products that are grown without the use of artificial and/or chemical pesticides and fertilizers and with other natural methods. Organic foods can take considerably more time and effort to grow and produce, and organic farmers may not be able to produce their crops or products on the same massive scale as conventional food producers. However, organic food consumers often choose organic foods because they believe these options are healthier, tastier and better for the environment.

Many people also choose to grow their own vegetables. Tomatoes grown in your backyard garden may be delicious, organically-produced and much cheaper than the ones sold commercially, but if you want to make a salad immediately, spending money to purchase conventionally-grown tomatoes at the grocery store may be necessary in order to avoid the discomfort of missing a meal. In much the same manner that you can’t eliminate vegetables from your diet and expect to remain healthy, you can’t go without an online presence and content marketing and expect your business to remain healthy.

Need An Artificial Boost?

The parallels between organic food and organic online marketing are readily apparent, as the term “organic” is an apt way to describe the way that such marketing initiatives operate. Growing an online audience organically, without the immediate benefit of advertising, may be less expensive and more sustainable over time, but such an audience isn’t going to spring up overnight – you’ll have to be patient and wait for your audience to grow. Without the benefit of an artificial boost to your posts through advertising, your online presence and content marketing can take much longer to grow, and you may not have the time or patience to invest in waiting for such an audience to appear naturally. If you can’t afford or simply don’t want to wait for that audience to grow, investing in a social media advertising campaign can provide the shortcut necessary to boost your online audience and conversion rate immediately.