While most of us aren’t web design experts, graphic designers, or marketing gurus, we know when a website is outdated and in need of a redesign. For most of us, the outdated graphical style and elements are the first clue. Others may disregard the design of the site to find that the functionality and user interface requires an overhaul. Sometimes, even if your website features a relatively modern and functional design, it could be that your company has simply outgrown your existing website.

An Older Website May Be Bad For Your Business

Regardless of the reason, older websites don’t age like fine wine, and no matter how much you may have spent on your website or how much you may personally like the design. If an overhaul is required, it pays to do one as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that an older website may be costing you valuable insights into your business and may even be turning away customers.

Your Website Is Relevant, Valuable, and Important

Many small business owners unfortunately believe that social media, especially Facebook Business pages, have greatly diminished the importance of a website. In fact, some have even replaced their website completely and now redirect their customers to a social media page. Unfortunately, these decisions are made hastily, often as a form of cost cutting and with the mistaken belief that small business websites, especially those that don’t incorporate an ecommerce component, are unimportant and irrelevant to attracting customers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While a Facebook Business page and other social media pages are important to generating business, no third-party social media service gives you the same tools and versatility as a custom-built website with a powerful Content Management System (CMS).

Your Website Is A Lead Generator

Your online presence should not simply consist of surface elements such as a landing page with information such as a bio, address, and hours of operation. It should be actively working as a lead generator and digital marketing hub for your business, providing valuable analytical information for your company. While Facebook Business pages also provide some analytical information and can generate leads, these tools are tied to Facebook’s advertising platform, locking you into using their advertising and marketing tools exclusively. With a custom-built website, you are in the driver’s seat, and you control what tools and services you use to promote your company.

Have You Outgrown Your Current Website?

It’s relatively easy to know when a website is outdated because of the passage of time, or due to a shifting graphical style. Aside from websites belonging to the government or some non-profits, most sites do not last forever. In fact, even if you can cite a website that hasn’t changed its design in some time, chances are the CMS platform powering the site has been updated. However, it can be much more difficult to determine when you’ve outgrown your website, especially when the site may still be usable with its current design and CMS. Has your business grown suddenly, or have you made a radical or fundamental change in the direction of your business? Have you fully or partially rebranded? Have you come to the conclusion that your business requires a boost in revenue, or that you need to boost your growth in order to attract investors? If the latter is true, you may suddenly realize that the existing website and CMS don’t have the capabilities or versatility to support a targeted online marketing campaign.

Whatever the reason, keeping an outdated website can not only limit your abilities to market your business online, but it may be actively holding you back from reaching the next level.