In our previous post, we discussed the pros and cons of rebranding your company. Your brand and, more specifically, the branding elements that make up that brand, constitute the public face and identity of your business. If that sounds a little extreme or dramatic, imagine what a company would be without a brand. Coca-Cola would come in a plain, unadorned bottle or can, and McDonald’s hamburgers would come in plain paper bags. There would be no company name, logo, colors or taglines, and even the packaging of the product would be plain and unadorned.

To fall even farther down this rabbit hole, some companies embrace the concept of generic branding, either to make their products as affordable as possible or to stand out in a marketplace. So even the lack of branding can be considered branding! In summary, branding is a crucial element of your business and one of the primary factors in its success. In fact we like to refer to it as “the new marketing,” because your digital branding is virtually indistinguishable and inseparable from your other online marketing efforts, even for small businesses with very tight marketing and advertising budgets.

The Playing Field Is Almost Level

When you hear that social media is “revolutionary,” you may be less than impressed – after all, many professionals still view social media platforms as a way for teenagers to interact, adults to share photos of their families and strangers to argue politics with other strangers. However, when it comes to marketing your business, social media is revolutionary in the sense that your Facebook page isn’t that much different than the Facebook pages belonging to some of the most famous brands and largest corporations. Fact is, when you have the right branding elements in place, there doesn’t have to be any real difference at all. Of course, your page likely has a fraction of the followers or likes as some of those brands and corporations, and your content marketing may not be on the same level, but when a potential customer searches for a company, you’re essentially on the same playing field as these larger businesses when it comes to the effectiveness of your digital branding elements. Your small business isn’t restricted to a single printed line in a phone book or a small newspaper ad – you’re playing on the same field as the biggest companies, and you’re branding has to stand up.

The Right Branding Is Crucial, Now More Than Ever

Having the right brand and branding elements in place is vital for your business, no matter how small or how new it may be or how limited your advertising or marketing budgets. Luckily, having a great brand is now obtainable for the even the smallest businesses, as digital marketing companies have tools and resources at their disposal that, when utilized by a talented branding expert, can create great brands and branding elements. When it comes to rebranding, you’ll just have to determine if your current brand is outdated and decide whether or not you’re ready to take the plunge and rebrand.

If you feel as though you don’t know if you should rebrand, or if you simply prefer to have a third-party study your business and help guide you in making an informed decision, consider consulting with a branding expert at Blue Zenith. We will review your business, your current brand, and we will personally consult with you to determine not just who and where your business is now, but where your business will be in five, ten or even twenty years from now. If you do choose to rebrand, we will do everything we can to ensure that your new brand and branding elements carries you and your business well into the future!