It can be hard to believe, especially when it’s not considered legal tender, but information really is the most valuable commodity in business and is key when it comes to succeeding and achieving your goals and dreams as an entrepreneur.

Business Experts Are Well Respected

It’s no surprise then that business experts, especially those who are renowned in their industries and upheld by their peers, are the masters of the business world. Renowned business experts can make a fortune from sharing their expertise through books, seminars, speeches, and videos, and some even become hosts of reality television shows. While it’s unlikely that you’ll reach that level of acclaim (although we certainly hope you do), promoting yourself as a business expert within your community and industry can open many doors for your business, from increasing sales among the general public to developing important professional relationships and partnerships. What is the best way to promote yourself as an expert, without spending thousands of dollars in advertising or ruining your reputation through self-aggrandizing behavior?

Are You Really An Expert?

Before you decide to begin promoting yourself as an expert, it’s incredibly important to be certain that you really are an expert. We’re not implying that our readership is dishonest, but there is an impulse among professionals to sometimes exaggerate their expertise or importance. Professionals that rely on generating sales can adopt a confidence that is able to blur lines between honesty and exaggeration. However, it’s incredibly important to remember that by putting yourself out to the business community at large as an expert, you are opening yourself up to questioning, scrutiny and, eventually, criticism. You will be regularly questioned in the field, whether it’s over social media or by attendees of a conference, and you won’t always have time to do impromptu research and cover your tracks. Simply put, if you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself!

The reverse of overconfidence and overstating your case as an expert is feeling insecure of your knowledge or accomplishments and either understating your qualifications or deciding not to present yourself as an expert at all. There are countless professionals who, for one reason or another, may have toiled behind the scenes and not received the encouragement or verification that their work was important, or may have experienced an unfortunate incident or relationship with a boss or client that caused them to question their own expertise or even competence. Some may even believe that the lack of a prestigious degree disqualifies them from being an expert. While we can’t change your personality or convince you to pursue a plan of action that you don’t want to pursue, promoting yourself as an expert and helping others develop their own careers can be personally satisfying and provide a boost to your self-confidence and your reputation within your industry.

In our next post, we will discuss the ways that you can begin promoting yourself as a business expert.