We’re continuing our multi-week initiative to introduce our newest Blue Zenith venture, Go Ahead. Dream Big. The overriding goal of this new business development course is to successfully bring your offline business online, but as we outlined in our previous post, you have to believe that your business is worthy of a comprehensive, fully-realized online presence before you’ll feel motivated to develop one. No matter how small your business may be, it is worthy of more than just a boring, average website and a lackluster social media presence. It doesn’t matter if you believe your business isn’t big, successful, or even “hip” enough to bring online in a significant way. If you’re a successful business that has survived in a competitive market for any length of time, it’s worth making the effort to bring your business online!

Build Your Brand With Your Customers In Mind

A key element of successfully bringing your brand online is shaping and reconfiguring your brand to place the needs and desires of your ideal customers in the forefront. Wait, you say, we already place our customers in the forefront! Everything we do is about generating more sales and revenue, which by its very definition should be about focusing on our customers. Every business must focus on generating more sales and revenue, but to do so at the expense of building your brand the right way and focusing on fulfilling the emotional needs of your customers may be detrimental to the long term success of both your brand and your business. Part of successfully bringing your offline brand online is identifying what your customers really want and applying a laser-like focus to fulfilling those needs and desires, and Go Ahead. Dream Big. can help you achieve that goal.

Is Your Brand About You Or Your Customers?

The secret to understanding who your brand is about – you or your customers – is understanding that it’s about both of you. Simply put, your brand is a representation and manifestation of your business, which in turn exists to serve the wants, needs, and desires of your customers. Your brand and your business simply wouldn’t exist without your customers, yet your customers will exist without your business – they’ll simply seek out one of your competitors. While all of this may seem obvious from the offset, it’s shocking how many businesses and brands fail to focus on their customers or begin to lose that focus over time. It doesn’t matter if your business is a month old or decades old, if you haven’t focused on your customers in the past, bringing your offline business online is the perfect time to start!

Inspiring Your Customers

At this point, you may be thinking that you agree with this premise, that you certainly understand that it is important to focus on your customers. Yet you may not know how to shift your focus or change the way you’ve operated and established your brand in the past. The key to shifting this focus is to take the attention off of your business and shift that attention to inspiring your customers to do business with you, and the key to doing that is to make everything about them! Go Ahead. Dream Big. can help you identify ways that you can not only better connect with prospective and existing customers, but also shape, mold, and adapt your existing brand to make it more inviting, receptive, and inspiring as well.