In our previous post, we continued the introduction of our newest venture, Go Ahead. Dream Big! Last week, we provided an introduction to this unique business development course, while our previous post more specifically addressed how Go Ahead. Dream Big. can help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business managers mitigate the effects of going up against large competitors that have tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on branding, advertising, and marketing initiatives. It may be hard to believe, but mastering the process of bringing your offline business online can help lessen and sometimes even eliminate the advantages enjoyed by your larger competitors or your smaller competitors who share this focus.

Connect With Your Ideal Clients

Part of the process of mastering your digital branding, marketing, and advertising is identifying and connecting with your ideal customers and target market. While this may sound relatively simple or even easy, don’t forget that in the world of branding, marketing, and advertising, concepts that sounds simple or even easy are anything but, and your larger competitors already have teams of experts working to maximize the effectiveness of their own branding, marketing, and advertising initiatives. We are excited and proud to help our clients level this playing field and help them master the process of identifying, connecting with, and truly knowing their ideal customers and target market.

Instead Of Convincing, It’s All About Inspiring!

Let’s say you were to suddenly come face to face with an ideal customer. What would be your first impulse? For many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business managers, the initial impulse may be to try to convince this individual to purchase your product or service. While attempting to convince someone to purchase your produce and service can work, it is much more effective both in the short- and long-term to inspire your ideal customers. Don’t just motivate them to choose your product or service, but actively work to build a strong relationship, which will in turn motivate them to seek out your company in the future or even become brand advocates online, especially on social media.

Overcoming Roadblocks

One of the key differences between convincing an ideal customer to purchase your product or service and inspiring them with your brand has to do with roadblocks. All purchasing decisions come with roadblocks, which can include a reluctance to spend money, a delay between the initial purchase of a product or service and its delivery, and a concern about the quality and reliability of the product or service in question. Convincing a potential customer means overcoming each of those roadblocks one by one, which is important to do no matter how well you’ve mastered your transition from offline to online. however, inspiring a potential customer with your brand, which can essentially mean bringing them onto your side, can result in them working to overcome any perceived obstacles on their own, simply because they are motivated to do so through a loyalty to your brand!

Inspiring Your Ideal Customers Is Just The First Step

Knowing your customers, especially your ideal customers, is only the first step in the process. With Go Ahead. Dream Big., one of the primary challenges we help our clients overcome is successfully building this customer-centric focus into your business model and structure, laying the foundation for a customer-centric and focused company that regularly impresses and inspires potential customers. Your brand is more than a logo and tagline, it’s the total customer experience!