In our previous post, we introduced our newest venture, Go Ahead. Dream Big! This class is so much more than just another business development course. In fact, the strategies and tools you’ll learn from our class may just be the difference between your business or organization succeeding beyond your wildest dreams and struggling to stay afloat.

Your Online Presence Is Key

Our course doesn’t teach you how to become a stellar salesperson or divulge any secret success strategies. Instead we do one thing: teach you how to develop a powerful, versatile online presence for your business, one that is truly worthy of your business. Too many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business managers fail to understand both the importance and the potential of a fully-realized online presence, but the facts are indisputable: a vast majority of customers pass judgement on your brand based on what they discover online, and they will seek out one of your competitors if they believe your online presence is incomplete, underwhelming, or even less than honest. How can Go Ahead. Dream Big. give you the tools you’ll need to fully realize and implement an online presence that you and your business deserve?

It’s More Than Just A Website

The key to understanding what Go Ahead. Dream Big. can do for your business is understanding what you should want and expect from your online presence and digital brand. Too many entrepreneurs, including ones who developed brands and businesses before the mainstream adoption of the Internet, may downplay or even trivialize the importance of a fully-realized online presence. To some, a website is just a website with a few images and words that appear on a laptop or mobile phone screen, and blogging and social media are trivial or even silly. In 2016, nothing could be farther from the truth – your online presence, which incorporates the entirety of your online properties, are now an extension of your business in every sense of the term. Mastering your online presence and marketing isn’t about creating a website full of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks or engaging in social media stunts, just like running your offline business isn’t about utilizing gimmicks or flashy tricks to attract customers.

Walking A Mile In Their Shoes

We developed Go Ahead. Dream Big. with a unique focus on our customers, most of whom are other small- to medium-sized businesses. We understand what our customers need from their digital marketing initiatives and how a fully-realized online presence and digital brand can take their businesses to the next level. However, a key to getting the most out of our course is a form of “paying it forward” – while we developed this program with our customers in mind, our customers can only master the course by keeping their own customers in mind and understanding what they need, want, and expect from your digital brand. founder Jeff Bezos once said, “Amazon is not in the business of selling books, but is in the business of helping people buy books.” What does this mean? In regards to your online presence and digital marketing and branding, it means creating and shaping your brand to be what your customers’ need, even if they don’t consciously know that for themselves. It’s not about offering the best product or service, although that is certainly important – it’s about providing your customers a simple and convenient way to obtain the products and services that they require.