Blue Zenith Web Design is proud to announce our newest venture, Go Ahead. Dream Big!

Your Brand From Different Perspectives

What is Go Ahead. Dream Big? The easy answer is that it’s a unique new business development program, but before we lose you in thinking this is just another sales pitch, we’d like to ask you a few questions: Do you happily and readily send prospective customers to your website to learn about specifics products or services you offer? Are you proud of your digital brand, and is your online presence a proper representation of your business and your marketing power? Let’s take this a step further and begin to hypothetically pose questions to your customers and potential customers: If you were just discovering this company online for the first time, what would be your immediate takeaway upon viewing their website? What do you think of a company that rarely updates its blog or social media accounts? What do you expect to see in the online presence of a reputable and vibrant company? The answers to these questions are some of the keys to mastering the development of your online presence, and Go Ahead. Dream Big. can help you answer them!

Why Do I Need To Attend Another Business Development Program?

We’ve always been committed to being more than a company that simply designs and builds websites. While a website and blog are instrumental to the success of your entrepreneurial dreams, anyone can build a serviceable website for you, your company, or organization. In fact, some companies have almost completely automated the process. Yet a powerful and versatile website is only one part of a compelling online presence and successful online marketing plan. Your entrepreneurial dreams are too important to “phone in” the online component of your business. Although studies differ, between 81% to 94% of shoppers now conduct online research before purchasing a product or service, especially from a small business with an unfamiliar brand. Simply put, if you haven’t successfully and sufficiently established the right online presence for your business, you are losing customers to your competitors!

We Already Have An Online Presence, Including A Website And Blog. What Else Do We Need?

If you have already commissioned a website and blog for your business, you may believe that you already have a sufficient online presence for your business. Many small business owners, especially owners that may not feel entirely comfortable with the Internet, may not understand that the online presence of a business is now just as important now as its physical presence. Whether your business has a large physical presence or a marginal one, imagine if your customers perceived your storefront, office space, or delivery vehicle to be old or poorly maintained. What if it looked like the interior of your brick and mortar store hadn’t been updated in decades, or if it appeared as though your business was using a physical space temporarily, despite a long-standing reputation in your community? While it is easy to understand how a poorly-maintained office space or company vehicle could harm your reputation, you may not even be aware that your online presence is deficient in some way, and the potential customers who are choosing one of your competitors over you aren’t going to contact you and explain why!

In our next blog post, we will discuss a few of the ways that Go Ahead. Dream Big. can help you develop a digital brand that becomes an effective and powerful face for your business and builds your marketing power.