*This blog was originally published in December 2015 and has been updated for 2021.

The sun has set on 2020 and we hope all of our clients and readers found success this year. We gaze forward, with ardent hopes that 2021 will be better, enabling us to enjoy all of the little things life has to offer.

Desert Sunset

In this month’s color palette, the sun is setting over the desert in Lockhart Basin, Utah. It was one of the more beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, as the rain stopped just in time for us to enjoy the vast array of colors that the sun displayed over the blanket of clouds that covered the sky. As I’ve mentioned before, always take a moment to enjoy the little things, whether it is the smell of freshly fallen snow or the pleasant warmth of the sun on a nice day.

Thank You!

The entire team at Blue Zenith thanks everyone who has worked, played, and laughed with us this year. There are big things coming and we want all of you to be a part of it!

Desert Sunset

The colors in the image above are listed below in both hex and RGB formats. The dark color (the color sliver at the top of each color square) is listed in the left column while the main color block is listed in the middle column. The last column has the gray background color that sits behind the color palettes.


Top Color Sliver

Fire Brick:

  • #BD2428
  • R:189 G:36 B:40


  • #F39C0E
  • R:243 G:156 B:14

Moon Yellow:

  • #F3C20E
  • R:243 G:194 B:14


  • #3567A7
  • R:53 G:103 B:167

Main Color Block


  • #D7474B
  • R:215 G:71 B:75

Yellow Orange:

  • #FFB640
  • R:255 G:182 B:64

Sun Glow:

  • #FFD640
  • R:255 G:214 B:64

Havelock Blue:

  • #5381BC
  • R:83 G:129 B:188

Background Color

Night Rider:

  • #1B100E
  • R:27 G:16 B:14