Trust And Honor

For businesses large and small, it is very difficult to completely gain the trust of every single customer or client. Yet you can make your website and branding trustworthy through your content and design. In terms of color, it has been determined that blue is one of the most trustworthy colors, so use it to your advantage if you can.

Find Your Zenith

Remember, everybody is unique and different. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, pet peeves and phobias. And as we have reiterated many times now, you should not target everyone with your messaging. If you are struggling with this, then it may be time to take a step back and find your zenith. A zenith is a point in the sky directly above a person. That means that everyone, from individuals to businesses, has their own unique zenith. Every zenith contains a unique perspective on life. The better that you know and trust your own zenith, the better you can align your messaging to attract like-minded people and businesses.

Color Palette: Mountain Skies

The colors in the image above are listed below in both hex and RGB formats. The dark color (the color sliver at the top of each color square) is listed in the left column while the main color block is listed in the middle column. The last column has the gray background color that sits behind the color palettes.

Top Color Sliver

Regal Blue:

  • #1F3856
  • R:31 G:56 B:86

San Juan:

  • #385A7d
  • R:56 G:90 B:125

Bismark Blue:

  • #4A6E88
  • R:74 G:110 B:136

East Bay:

  • #555B75
  • R:85 G:91 B:117

Main Color Block


  • #324C6A
  • R:50 G:76 B:106

Waikawa Gray:

  • #5B7998
  • R:91 G:121 B:152

Bermuda Gray:

  • #6F8DA2
  • R:111 G:141 B:162


  • #72788D
  • R:114 G:120 B:141

Background Color

Pale Sky:

  • #646E77
  • R:100 G:110 B:119