Here at Blue Zenith, we offer two ecommerce solutions that fit the needs of the vast majority of our customers. The first, WordPress, offers a number of versatile and reasonably-priced options for setting up a virtual storefront. The second, Bigcommerce, is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform with robust and powerful features. Once you’re familiar with these options we offer, we will be happy to personally meet with you and determine which platform offers the best solution for your needs.

Choosing The Right Platform For Your Website

In our previous blog post, we discussed many of the ways that large online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Etsy are ill-suited for most ecommerce sellers. There are many other ways and platforms for you to host your customized ecommerce store on, and we use both WordPress and Bigcommerce. WordPress provides versatile and modular themes, plugins, and widgets designed to incorporate ecommerce services into a custom website, while Bigcommerce is a comprehensive and powerful all-in-one solution that still provides a fully-customizable experience. It is impossible for us to say one option is “better” than the other, but by familiarizing yourself with each platform, you can gain a better understanding of the options available to your business.

WordPress Powered E-Commece

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may already be aware of our commitment to WordPress. This versatile blog and website Content Management System (CMS) provides a strong foundation and backbone for the majority of Blue Zenith-produced websites. A WordPress website or blog can easily be turned into a functional ecommerce store through third-party plugins. We use a few different well-known ecommerce plugins to build our WordPress based ecommerce stores, including WooCommerce. The main advantage of using WordPress is its ability to add affordable, scalable ecommerce functionality to a new or existing website.

Bigcommerce Is E-Commerce

Bigcommerce is a comprehensive, on-demand CMS and hosting service that includes everything you need to successfully begin selling your products and services online. It includes a virtual shopping cart, a feature-rich product catalog, a payment gateway with comprehensive shipping and tax calculators, easy-to-use marketing and SEO tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features and powerful conversion and analytics tools. In many ways Bigcommerce is a “best of both worlds” ecommerce solution – merchants can use a unique standalone website while also enjoying the benefits usually exclusive to a third-party marketplace such as eBay or Amazon. It is important to note that, unlike WordPress ecommerce customizations, Bigcommerce cannot be incorporated into an existing website and requires an ongoing subscription.

Which E-Commerce Solution Is The Right One For My Business?

There are pros and cons inherent to each ecommerce solution that we offer to our customers, and it is impossible for us to choose a favorite. We also have no interest in choosing one “exclusive” option and forcing it on all of our clients – the versatility and affordability of WordPress could be the perfect solution for your ecommerce needs, while others may benefit more from the robust, powerful platform provided by Bigcommerce. By personally meeting with each and every one of our clients and developing a customized website solution that meets and exceeds their needs, we can actively prepare them for both the present and the future of their ecommerce business.