Why Is WordPress The Right Solution For You? | Blue ZenithWe’ve written a number of blog posts, social media updates, and even posted a recent web video explaining how much we love WordPress. In these posts and updates, we’ve reviewed many of the ways that WordPress makes the job of creating a powerful, versatile website easier and cheaper. However, as a professional or a business, you may be asking how WordPress directly benefits you. After all, this is your blog or website, and it’s important to know how WordPress can benefit you after your new site is built and up and is running.

WordPress Makes Managing A Blog And Website Easier

The number-one benefit that WordPress provides to webmasters, or those who will be managing the website on an ongoing basis, is ease of use. Anyone can build a sleek, powerful and versatile website, but if the Content Management System (CMS) or platform powering the website is difficult to use, it becomes unlikely that those who aren’t “techies” will want to manage the website and update it with dynamic content.

The Evolution Of Web Development

When the Internet first became popular among the general public, web designers had to create HTML “markup”, or code, by hand, and the HTML specification itself was very limited – creating a website, even an extremely basic website that was common at the time, was a tedious and costly process. Through the use of plugin technologies such as Macromedia (later Adobe) Flash and Microsoft’s ActiveX and What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editors in the late 90s, the process of producing websites became more sophisticated and easier, but posting and updating content on a regular basis, called dynamic content, remained a difficult and cumbersome process. With the advent of “Web 2.0”, software and platforms began to develop dynamic content made it easier for dynamic and user-generated content to be added to websites, and the concept of keeping an online journal, called weblogging and later shortened to “blogging”, was born. Over the past ten years, social media platforms have risen to prominence, and it is now easier than ever for users to create blogs, websites and social media profiles in order to create, distribute and consume dynamic content, often in real time.

The Rise Of Blogs And Social Media

Despite the fact that the web has come such a long way in the past two decades, many website and blogging platforms are still very “user-unfriendly” in that it takes a certain amount of training and expertise to expertly administer a blog or website, let alone keep it updated with dynamic content. For that reason, many professionals, businesses and organizations are abandoning traditional websites and blogs for social media platforms – what’s the point of paying someone to administer a website, or allowing a website or blog to fall out of date without new content, when social media is so easy to use and popular with users? While social media plays a crucial role in your online presence, it is not a complete or proper substitute for having a website and blog, and luckily the newest versions of WordPress makes managing and updating your blog and site almost as easy as managing your social media profiles. There’s no reason to cancel a new website and/or abandon your old one for social media when WordPress can make the process of creating or upgrading an existing website extremely easy and user-friendly.

WordPress Also Makes Managing A Blog And Website Cheaper

In a challenging economy, arguing for building and maintaining an expensive website is already difficult, and as social media services allow professionals and businesses to host, publish and distribute content for free, it becomes harder and harder to justify the expense. Why, then, would anyone want to overpay for a website built on an expensive or archaic platform that requires expensive experts and consultants in order to properly administer and update?

WordPress Makes It Easy

Luckily, WordPress is easy, free of costly licensing fees and subscriptions, and is therefore usually cheaper to host, administer and upgrade. Some hosting providers offer discount hosting subscriptions for WordPress-powered blogs and websites, and some even automate the process of installing, administering and upgrading WordPress – processes that can be very costly with other platforms. Finally, changing the appearance, features and configuration of your blog or website, which can cost a lot of time and money on other platforms, is extremely easy with WordPress, thanks to the thousands of themes, plugins and widgets that are available, many of which are also free!