Fall is now upon us with winter steadily approaching. September 22nd marked the first official day of autumn for 2014, which means that summer is now a memory. Yet although cold, snow, and ice are in our future, there are always places you can travel to that will be warm all year round.

This month’s Color Palette, September Paradise, comes from Fort Myers Beach in Florida. Fort Myers is just one of many popular beaches on the west coast of Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico’s waters typically stay warm throughout the year.

September Paradise

The colors in the image above are listed below in both hex and RGB formats. The dark color (the color sliver at the top of each color square) is listed in the left column while the main color block is listed in the middle column. The last column has the gray background color that sits behind the color palettes.


Top Color Sliver

Steel Blue:

  • #4C7FB4
  • R:76 G:127 B:180


  • #46C5C5
  • R:70 G:197 B:197

Medium Purple:

  • #716CDC
  • R:113 G:108 B:220

Pale Taupe:

  • #BD9F7F
  • R:189 G:159 B:127

Main Color Block


  • #709ECF
  • R:112 G:158 B:207


  • #6CDCDA
  • R:108 G:220 B:218

Portage Purple:

  • #9592EB
  • R:149 G:146 B:235

Grain Brown:

  • #E1CAB1
  • R:225 G:202 B:177

Background Color


  • #5D5C6C
  • R:93 G:92 B:108