Summertime is typically associated with relaxation, vacations, and fun activities. Yet often times we find that our summers can get busy and full of various engagements, plans, and appointments. If this is the case for you, and you are as busy as a bumblebee, please do not forget to take the time to smell the roses, sunflowers, pansies, and daffodils. There is a whole world of beauty during the summer, so don’t get too swept away in the tidal wave of life.

This month’s color palette, Busy as a Bumblebee, was taken in July of 2013 at the Denver Botanical Gardens. If you live around Denver Metro area, this is a must see for everyone.

Color Palettes: Busy as a Bumblebee

The colors in the image above are listed below in both hex and RGB formats. The dark color (the color sliver at the top of each color square) is listed in the left column while the main color block is listed in the middle column. The last column has the gray background color that sits behind the color palettes.

Top Color Sliver

Radical Red:

  • #FF317B
  • R:255 G:49 B:123

Buttered Rum:

  • #A06D2C
  • R:160 G:109 B:44


  • #FFAE5C
  • R:255 G:174 B:92


  • #A6E638
  • R:166 G:230 B:56

Main Color Block

Brilliant Rose:

  • #FF5D96
  • R:255 G:93 B:150


  • #C89657
  • R:200 G:150 B:87


  • #FFD668
  • R:255 G:214 B:104


  • #B9EF5D
  • R:185 G:239 B:93

Background Color

Mine Shaft Grey:

  • #212121
  • R:33 G:33 B:33