How To Use Content To Attract New Visitors

You have a great-looking website that is fully optimized for usability and Search Engine Optimization. Now all you need to is to attract new visitors to your website in order to boost your sales and return customer rates. But what do you need to do exactly?

Beyond SEO Optimization

Keep in mind that the more impressed your visitors are with your website and its presentation, the more likely they will be to return. So what should you do in order to be able to really impress them? In our previous blog post, we discussed how to improve your rankings in search engines. But there is more you can do besides just simply focusing on Search Engine Optimization.

Create Original and Engaging Content

The simplest, most reliable way to attract new visitors to your website and retain existing visitors is to produce good, original content on a regular basis. We have said this before but we can’t stress enough the importance of providing exactly what your potential visitors are seeking from websites and other online resources – quality content that and is presented with an authoritative and experienced voice and provides guidance and instruction.

Behind The Digital Curtain

There are quite a few ways to temporarily and artificially increase the number of visitors to your website, but always remember that each legitimate “hit” to your website represents a real person, and every individual has their own needs, desires, and questions. If your website does not embrace the people behind your potential clicks, they will never be converted into customers.

Do You Cringe At The Thought Of Writing?

We understand that the thought of writing any content can be intimidating, infuriating, and overwhelming. Many people, especially professionals, don’t enjoy writing or producing content – they may feel as though they aren’t skilled writers, or that there’s no time in their busy schedule to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Some people are even intimidated by the thought of sharing information that they may feel is valuable. However, it is important to remember that there are ways to produce good, quality content without actually producing it yourself!

Seeking Out Assistance

If you do decide to allow someone else to write for you, whether that person may be one of your employees or a professional copy writer, you must first know what you want – if you don’t know the message behind your own blog, then you can’t properly explain what you want. And without a solid explanation and set of guidelines, you may find that the content your copywriter is producing is still not what you are looking for.

Your Unique Content

Begin by reviewing your competitions’ websites and seek out trade magazines that produce authoritative content in your field of work. Once you’ve discovered relevant and interesting content, consider writing your own original content based on these subjects, infused with your own unique knowledge and experience. Even if you don’t like anything about the finished product, at least you will have something to give to your copywriter so that they can get a clear idea on what your goals are. Finally, it is important that you refrain from copying or “borrowing” content from other sources. Not only can you and your website be penalized for it, but search engines may lower your rankings as well.

In our next blog post, we will discuss how to fully utilize your social media to build and maintain your audience.