Blue-Zenith-updatesDoes your website or blog require an upgrade to the Content Management System? Do you need to create regular backups of your website or blog in case of a system failure, or are you planning on switching to another hosting company? Here at Blue Zenith, we can help with options to upgrade and maintain your website or blog!

Does Your Website Need An Upgrade?

In a previous blog post, we discussed in-depth why it is important to continually update the software that powers your website or blog. All software in use today, no matter the device or platform, requires regular updates from software developers in order to remain secure and functional. This includes WordPress and its blog publishing platform that Blue Zenith uses to power many of the websites we design and build for our clients. In addition to the core WordPress software, other parts of your website may require updates as well, including your plugins and theme.

Server Backups

Another vital element of website maintenance is regularly scheduled site backups. It is important to keep an up to date backup copy of a website or blog for a number of reasons. Although most hosting companies regularly backup their servers, there is no guarantee that a server backup will include a fully-functional copy of your website. If your only backup is on your hosting company’s servers, you may find your website restored to a copy saved weeks or even months ago.

Personal Backups

It is also important to keep a backup copy of your website on hand within your company in case a change you make to your website causes unforeseen problems. And if you ever decide to change hosting providers, keeping a personal backup of your website or blog can ensure that your website is not lost or corrupted during the transfer.

Active Maintenance Options

Many of our clients actively maintain their own websites, either by handling the maintenance themselves or by contracting the services of an IT company. Unfortunately, some individuals, companies and organizations don’t actively maintain their websites, which can lead to malfunctions, downtime, security risks and even lost content. If you need assistance with maintaining your website, or if you are interested in completely outsourcing this set of responsibilities, contact us today! We would be happy to discuss all the options we offer, including regular maintenance services and upgrades.