Spring is finally upon us, and we at Blue Zenith love to spend time outside during this time of year. While Colorado has an abundance of outdoor parks that are great to spend time at, we highly recommend travelling up to the Boulder Canyon this season. Whether you have never been up there or frequent it often, the Boulder Canyon has numerous areas for rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, fly fishing, tubing, and much more.

This month’s color palette picture is of Castle Rock in the Boulder Canyon, taken in June 2013. Castle Rock hosts a number of classic rock climbing routes with a large pull off area to park at.

Color Palettes: The Castle Rock of the Boulder Canyon

The colors in the image above are listed below in both hex and RGB formats. The dark color (the color sliver at the top of each color square) is listed in the left column while the main color block is listed in the middle column. The last column has the gray background color that sits behind the color palettes.

Top Color Sliver

Pastel Green:

  • #7DD271
  • R:125 G:210 B:113

Picton Blue:

  • #5F98D3
  • R:95 G:152 B:211

Light Brown (Apache):

  • #D39F5F
  • R:211 G:159 B:95

Light Gray (casper):

  • #B8BABC
  • R:184 G:186 B:188

Main Color Block

Granny Smith Apple:

  • #A3E998
  • R:163 G:233 B:152

Cornflower Blue:

  • #89B8E9
  • R:137 G:184 B:233

Tan (Corvette):

  • #E9BE89
  • R:233 G:190 B:137

White (Very light gray):

  • #F4F7Fb
  • R:244 G:247 B:251

Background Color

Dark Gray (Gun Powder):

  • #4F4F50
  • R:79 G:79 B:80