Blue-Zenith-2014-WebThis year, we’re celebrating the five-year anniversary of our company, Blue Zenith Web Design. Although our main business is web design, we also provide advanced marketing and content services to individuals, businesses and organizations to help you build up your web presence.

What We Do Beyond Building Websites

At Blue Zenith we design websites that truly reflect the spirit of your business or organization. We build advanced websites that include multimedia, portfolios and online stores and merchant services. We love building websites, but doesn’t mean that we believe you should limit your online identity and presence to just a website. Perhaps you need assistance with creating a blog or social media accounts, or help managing these accounts? Maybe you also need an ongoing source of dynamic content for your website, blog or social media accounts? Well, we’re here to help!

What Is Expected

A successful online presence takes continual, constant work just like any business. Your web presence is made up of everything you do online, from you website and your blog to your social media campaigns. Internet users who seek out a business or organization online expect much more than just a static website – they look for blog content and social media exchanges that provide a real-time, interactive profile of the products, services, projects and events that a business or organization is promoting and marketing. Savvy consumers also utilize blogs and social media to seek out promotions, discounts and in-store sales. Finally, existing customers and inquisitive shoppers may use blog comments and social media interactions to ask questions and provide critiques, criticisms and compliments. A business or organization that neglects these outlets may find themselves quickly losing customers and market share.

Blogs, Social Media, And E-Newsletters

We provide a number of advanced services related to blogging, social media, and email newsletters (e-Newsletters), all of which contribute to your overall web presence. If your business or organization is interested in providing your own dynamic content and social media management, we can add blogging functionality to a new or existing website, seamlessly integrating a blog capable of hosting dynamic content into an existing, static website. We can also create social media accounts for our customers, complete with custom avatars, advanced profiles, and design options such as color schemes and wallpaper when those options are made available on a social network. Finally, we can setup an account with our email marketing partner MailChimp and design a custom email template for your business or organization.

We Are Here For You!

If you or your business or organization doesn’t have the time or resources to generate dynamic content for a blog or e-Newsletter or manage social media accounts, we are here to help! We can generate dynamic content for your blog, social media accounts and publish fully-featured e-Newsletters to your email subscribers. We can also manage your social media accounts, including issuing responses to public inquiries, private replies to direct messages, generating marketing campaigns through the use of social media hashtags and distributing coupons, sales and promotions to social media followers. All of this and more will greatly help you build and solidify your web presence.

Call or email us today and we’ll setup a personal consultation to review exactly what Blue Zenith can do for your business or organization!