Blue-Zenith-2014-WhoWeAreThis year, we’re celebrating the five-year anniversary of our company, Blue Zenith Web Design, and we would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce ourselves! We are a digital design firm and we love to build websites!

There Are A Lot Of Web Design Companies, So What Makes Us Unique?

At Blue Zenith, our goal is to help you nurture and develop your online presence through sound website development and a dedicated, sustained commitment to understanding and developing your business. We understand small business and we build websites that meet and exceed the demands of our clients. “Web design with perspective” is our motto and we provide perspective for our clients that extend beyond simple website design – we will create and nurture your online presence.

More Than Just Websites

What does that mean, exactly? It means that our company doesn’t just build websites. If that’s all we did for our clients, what would separate us from our competitors, especially from the larger web design companies with extensive marketing and advertising budgets? Many of these larger web design companies promote easy-to-use templates and industry-specific content. They stress how convenient and easy it is to develop a “great” website for your business using their tools, but is “convenient” and “easy” really what your business or organization is looking for in a website and a web designer? Is a “Do-It-Yourself” solution always the right one, especially when it comes to a website that will ultimately define your presence on the Internet? Will a representative hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles away from you really and truly understand your business or organization, instead of just understanding what works for a majority of clients bundled together within the same industry?

We Go Deeper

We don’t produce bland brochure websites or generic industry template designs – we work with each of our clients to ensure their new website truly reflects the spirit and personality of their business. Your business or organization is unique and it deserves a unique website. We offer personal consultations to each of our clients and we truly get to know you and your business or organization before we begin developing your website. We ask deeper questions than just, “How do you want your website to look?” Instead, we ask “Where do you want to be in a year?” and “What are your business goals?” Your website should not just reflect who you are now, but who you want to be in a year, or five years or even ten years. The internet doesn’t artificially restrict you in the same way that physical real estate and physical property may for your business – the Web levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes, and your business or organization is only truly limited by the time and effort that is invested in your website and online properties. Having the right technology partner on your side can mean the difference between successfully competing head-to-head with your larger competitors and being left on the sidelines, perceived by the public as just another generic company with another generic website.

We Work To Help You

We can’t guarantee that one of our websites will magically grow your business or organization and make you successfully. We can’t create a set of goals for your business and a great website isn’t a substitute for a business or organization built on a foundation of hard work, vision and integrity. Instead, we work tirelessly to help you make your goals a reality through a sound online presence and superb online properties. This is what makes Blue Zenith unique!