Blue-Zenith-2014-WordPressThis year, we’re celebrating the five-year anniversary of our company, Blue Zenith Web Design. We love building websites with WordPress, and we’ve considered WordPress a valued partner over the past five years. What makes WordPress the ideal platform for so many of our websites?

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source blogging platform and Content Management System (CMS) that powers many websites and blogs on the Internet. WordPress is used to power 60 million blogs and websites, including almost 15% of the world’s top 1 million sites and 22% of all new websites.

Ease and Add-On’s

Why has WordPress become so popular and ubiquitous? A WordPress website or blog can easily be customized through the use of themes and plugins. There are thousands of themes available that can quickly and seamlessly alter the appearance and functionality of a website or blog. A WordPress installation can also be upgraded through the use of plugins, which are small add-on programs that can change, enhance and extend the features and capabilities of the base software. By extending the already-impressive versatility of WordPress with themes and plugins, a web developer can use WordPress to power almost any type of website or blog imaginable!

Why We Use And Love WordPress!

We love WordPress for three simple reasons: it is powerful, versatile and stable enough to power almost any website! Whether you’re looking for a simple website with mostly static content or a powerhouse of a website filled with powerful features and a wide range of dynamic content, WordPress is powerful enough to handle it all.


WordPress is versatile enough that changes can be made relatively quickly and easily, both during and after development. Changing the layout and design of your website or blog or even adding additional features can be accomplished with relative ease, especially when compared to other systems and platforms.

Its Free And Open Source

Finally, WordPress offers stability to both developers and clients through its licensing terms. WordPress is Free and Open Source Software, also known as FOSS. Unlike copyrighted, closed-source software, WordPress is not owned by a corporation; anyone can legally obtain its source code to study how WordPress works and even write improvements to the code. If the current developers choose to abandon the project, the FOSS license allows other developers to take over and continue development or “fork” the development and create a whole new project and product, albeit under the same licensing terms. This ultimately means the platform will most likely continue to be developed and supported for the foreseeable future.

Does This Mean You Only Use WordPress?

No matter how powerful, versatile and stable WordPress may be, there simply isn’t a “one size fits all” CMS and platform that is the best and only choice for every client and website. We recognize that in some instances a more powerful or customizable CMS may be necessary, especially for some e-commerce websites that require advanced functionality or simple, static websites that may not require a fully-featured CMS or platform. Through the use of personal consultations and feedback, we ensure that each and every website we develop is built the right way, with the right CMS and platform.