Blue Zenith and WooCommerceThis year, we’re celebrating the five-year anniversary of our company, Blue Zenith Web Design. As part of this celebration, we’re highlighting a few of the companies and software products we’ve partnered with over the years. WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce toolkit that allows a WordPress-powered website or blog to sell virtually anything.

What Is WooThemes and WooCommerce?

WooThemes is a company that produces premium themes and plugins for WordPress. Through the use of themes and plugins, a standard WordPress installation can be converted and expanded into almost any kind of website imaginable! At Blue Zenith, we primarily utilize the WooCommerce eCommerce toolkit that is produced and developed by WooThemes. This premium toolkit can turn a standard WordPress installation into a full-featured eCommerce Content Management System (CMS). Although WooCommerce may not be the best solution for every merchant, it drastically lowers a barrier of entry for many online merchants who do not have the resources to license more expensive alternatives. WooCommerce also provided advanced customization options to merchants through the use of extensions.

Why Do Online Merchants Prefer WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is easy for merchants to use – even merchants with little to no experience managing a website! An intuitive user interface allows for hassle-free management of products and product categories, logistics, and product presentation. Marketing and promotions are a snap as well, such as effectively managing a coupon campaign and offering free shipping promotions on products. Advanced tax and shipping options are available, allowing merchants to fine-tune intricate shipping rules, tax classes and local tax rates. Detailed reports, including reports per month, product category and individual reports, can by quickly configured and produced. Finally, WooCommerce 2.0+ has passed a full security audit and is designed with fully-semantic HTML5, which can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What Can WooCommerce Do For My Customers?

Your customers will enjoy the seamless, hassle-free shopping experience powered by WooCommerce! Your customers can utilize product filtering and user-generated ratings, both of which allow your customers to find exactly the product they’re looking for and determine if said product will meet their needs and expectations. Other advanced customer features include an account panel for returning customers, a shipping calculator and social media integration. You can even reward your customers with discounts for reviewing your products through their social media accounts. Finally, your customers will be able to enjoy a quick, streamlined one-page checkout page which, in turn, increases your conversion rate.

Can I Customize WooCommerce?

One of the greatest advantages of using WooCommerce is their advanced extension system. This allows online merchants to pick and choose which extended features are necessary for their particular store, minimizing both the size of the WooCommerce installation and the overall cost of deploying the toolkit. These extensions allow for advanced functionality, reporting, payment processing and more. At Blue Zenith, we offer a personal consultation to each of our clients. Through this consultation and extensive preparation and development, we can extend your WooCommerce installation to provide the perfect online store for your business or organization!