Blue-Zenith-2014-historyThis year, we’re celebrating the five-year anniversary of our company, Blue Zenith Web Design. The past five years has been one of success and growth, both for our company and our clients, partners and the South Metro Denver business community. What have we learned, and what strategies and tools do we rely on to develop our business?

Five Years Of Business

On February 9th, 2009, Blue Zenith Web Design was founded in Centennial, Colorado by Donna Galassi. From the beginning, our goal was simple: to provide complete web design and web development services to help your business grow your online presence. Where did the name “Blue Zenith” come from? We define Zenith as the highest point directly above your particular location. Looking down from this zenith gives a pretty good perspective of your world. We like to say that Blue Zenith offers that perspective to our clients. We discover what you need for your project to “sprout wings and take flight”.

Our Strategies And Resources

Over the course of the past five years, we have developed our client base by utilizing a number of successful strategies and resources. Nothing beats old fashioned networking – we have worked hard to establish professional connections with our friends, strategic partners and clients throughout Denver and Colorado. We extended this commitment to networking by building and maintaining a strong social media presence, which is a key online strategy we strongly recommend to our clients. Finally, we simply push outside of our comfort zone. Many small businesses fall into a rut by staying comfortable – networking within small groups of friends and acquaintances and failing to seek out new strategic partners and potential clients. Throughout the last five years, we’ve worked hard to avoid those pitfalls and to expand our horizons.

Strengthening Relationships

In 2010, we joined the South Metro Denver Chamber, and through our partnership with this organization we have been able to strengthen our ties to South Metro Denver and partner with other businesses in the area. As members of the Chamber, we have worked towards developing sound strategies for strengthening the ongoing relationship between the local business community in South Metro Denver and local government and promoting regional economic development. We believe that local chambers and other organizations devoted to small business development are indispensable tools for new and growing small businesses.

More Than Just Websites

From the beginning, our goal was never just to “build websites” – we dedicated ourselves to truly getting to know our clients and their businesses and organizations, and to building unique websites and other web properties to ultimately develop their online presences. We have taken the same approach to growing and developing new business and we hope that by working hard and sticking to these principles of business development, we will continue to grow and prosper.